Pailwaan Review

Pailwaan Review
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Director: S Krishna
Producer: Swapna Krishna
Release Date: Thu 12th Sep 2019
Actors: Sudeep
Pailwaan Rating: 2.25 / 5
Pailwaan Punchline: Lacks The Punch

Pailwaan Review, What’s Behind?

Kichcha Sudeep who is familiar to Telugu audience has come up with Pailwaan to test his luck here. The sports action drama film directed by Krishna also starred Suniel Shetty and Akanksha Singh in other lead roles. Will Pailwaan help Sudeep to extend his market in Telugu States?

Pailwaan Story Review:

An orphan Krishna aka Kichcha (Kichcha Sudeep) is raised like own son by Sarkar (Suniel Shetty) whose dream is to see his protégé winning the gold medal for the country in the National Level Wrestling competition. Kichcha’s mind gets deviated when he falls for Rukmini (Akanksha Singh) who is already engaged to guy of her father’s choice. Kichcha ties knot with Rukmini which angers Sarkar and Raukmini’s father. Sarkar then asks Kichcha to leave the house and also give up wresting. What will he do? Will he ever enter the wresting court? Will he ever fulfill his father and mentor’s biggest wish?

Pailwaan Artists, Technicians Review:

The story is all about a son willing to keep the word that he has given to his father and then fighting for all things right and getting vengeance thereafter. There is also a love story, which seems an unnecessary track. In fact, the love track disturbs the flow and also turns a deviating factor. Screenplay was clichéd, especially the first half where things go pretty slow with unpleasing romantic scenes between the lead pair. However, last half an hour was somewhat pleasing. Karunakara’s camera work is beautiful. Songs are ordinary, but Arjun Janya’s background score heightens the film’s tension. Ruben’s editing is the biggest drawback. If you have a remote control to forward the movie, you will definitely fast forward the film for most part in first half and several portions in second half as well. Production values of RRR Motion Pictures Production are high in standard.

Onto performances, Kichcha Sudeep steals the show with his stellar performance. He has lifted the movie to the next level with his brilliant screen presence. Suniel Shetty comes out with a matured performance, while Aakansha Singh is charming. Kabir Singh is good as the arrogant boxer.

Pailwaan Review Advantages:

Kichcha Sudeep


Pailwaan Review Drawbacks:

First Half

Romantic Track


Songs Placement

Predictable Screenplay

Pailwaan Review, Rating Analysis:

Pailwaan is a battle between arrogance and humility. The film is highly inspired by Salman Khan’s super hit Sultan and few other sports drama films. The conflicting point was not depicted convincingly.

The film takes off on very slow note with enough time is wasted on childhood episodes. When you expect the narration to turn racy when Sudeep grows up and beats all the opponents in wresting filed, things go much slower with the tiresome romance between Sudeep and Akanksha. With a twist in the story, the film heads to intermission.

Second half too begins on bit tedious note with Sudeep sacrificing his career for his mentor and leading a normal life with his wife and daughter. The narration turns interesting only when Kichcha changes his mind for a good cause and enters Boxing Ring which is completely new to him. After the final battle, Kichcha takes up the responsibility of fulfilling his mentor’s wish of winning gold medal for India.

All in all, Pailwaan is a pretty average film and lacked fresh elements. Boring first half with predictable screenplay played the spoilsport. CJ goes with 2.25 stars and we need to wait and see whether the film will give any competition to Nani’s Gang Leader releasing tomorrow.


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