Padesave Review

Padesave Review
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Padesave Review, What’s Behind: Blessings of Akkineni Nagarjuna for a small budgeted film made ‘Padesave’ distinctive from routine lot. With ‘Tippu’ fame Karthik Raju as hero introducing Nithya Shetty, Jaheeda as heroine, the film entered into theaters today under debutant Chuniya’s direction. Let us see, how far we are to fall in love with this triangular love story?

Padesave Story: Karthik (Karthik Raju), a continuous failure in education has best friend in neighboring girl Niharika (Nithya Shetty). They have fun and spend time without any big goals. On the way, Niharika develops romantic feelings towards Karthik but twist comes in the form of Niharika’s best friend Swathi (Jaheeda). Instantaneously Karthik falls in love with Swathi, who is already engaged. As time passes on, Swathi is also impressed by Karthik however distances away for the sake of Niharika. When Niharika catches Karthik and Swathi smooching red handed, the story takes by one more twist. What is it? Go and watch on the screen. 

Padesave Artists and Technicians: Writer and director Chuniya picked a story element conflicting between friendship and love. The thread has inherent depth in it to strike a chord with youthful audience if presented with ample entertainment. Instead, Chuniya’s narration was snail paced with poorly written episodes testing the patience. Movie dips to all-time lows with time and never climbs up to our expectations. Despite playing with time tested formula, Chuniya’s direction could have been the savior if she had a novel approach in presenting the episodes. Camera work from Khanna is so peasant and is the basic reason why I was at least struck to seats even after spine paining task of watching fourth movie in a row. Editing was full of blunders and the ushering of climax illogically was best of the mistakes from editor. Music director Anup Rubens songs composition is again weakest. Production standards from Ayaan Creations are fine.

Onto artists, Nithya Shetty alone tried to present herself with a clean and neat character portrayal. Her hair style and chirpy childish acts were cute. Karthik Raju should go back to learn basics of acting. Jaheeda was beautiful in some angles but overall just average. Senior artists Raasi, Anitha Chowdary and Naresh are dignified. Ali’s comedy was embarrassing. Rest may not need any mention.

Padesave Rating Analysis: Well experienced on TV circuit, director Chuniya was still struck to serial making standards applied for film making. With no juice in story and script, all her activity behind the screen went futile. Triangular love stories need lot of maturity from artists while presenting them on screen. Unfortunately, none of the lead casting had that superiority to shoulder the burden. Comedy infused through hero’s friend was so loud only deterring the narration flow.

Overall, ‘Padesave’ had some plus points in rich production values, heroine Nithya Shetty and couple of lip locks to keep youth enticed. Despite having a safe subject on hand to deliver a minimum guarantee flick, ‘Padesave’ suffered badly in direction, screenplay and weak casting. So, Cinejosh rates ‘Padesave’ with 2 stars and let’s wait for commercial verdict.

Padesave Cinejosh Verdict: Triangular Love Collapses!

                                                                  Padesave Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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