Paagal Review

Paagal Review
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Director: Naresh Kuppili
Producer: Srikanth Lella
Release Date: Sat 14th Aug 2021
Actors: Vishwak Sen
Paagal Rating: 2 / 5
Paagal Punchline: Pretty Freefall?

What's Behind

Mass hero Vishwak Sen's Paagal is releasing on August 14, 2021. The film is hogging the media limelight not only for the intense promotions by the filmmakers but also Vishwak Sen's over-the-board comments. Vishwak Sen's comments are making people wonder why he is boasting so much about the film even going to the extent of challenging the critics. Let us see whether Paagal lived up to all the pre-release hype.

Story Review

Prem (Vishwak Sen), a handsome youngster who is on the verge of taking an important decision, starts narrating his interesting story as to why he proposed to more than 1600 girls and how he faced rejections.

Prem who loses his mother at a young age gets depressed and decides to search for a girl who loves him as much as his mother and goes on proposing to all girls he sees. Despite his numerous attempts he fails to get reciprocated. When he was on the verge of committing suicide, he hears a beautiful voice from a girl saying ' I love you.

Prem finds out that it was an orphan Teertha (Nivetha Pethuraj) who told him ' I love you' only to save him and she who was adopted by a person already got her engaged to another guy. Teertha moved by Prem's emotions decides to give him sweet memories of a lifetime, in the gap of six months between her engagement and marriage.

Where Prem-Teertha's journey reaches and how politician Raji (Murali Sharma), Sophie (Simran Choudhary) is connected forms the rest of the story.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Naresh Kuppuli tried to entertain movie lovers with a youthful romantic and emotional entertainer. He tried to highlight the mother sentiment and also a comedy touch to it. Though he starts off highlighting mother sentiment and the hero's love towards his mother and later comes with a few hilarious scenes and a couple of peppy songs, to entertain viewers, as the narration progresses, he loses steam and turns the entire narration into a routine one. The first half turns out to be an average one with a few hilarious scenes and a couple of songs but the second half turns out to be torture. He loaded the entire second half with repetitive scenes, routine elements and lack of entertaining scenes, and missing emotional connect, played the spoilsport.

Radhan's music is attractive. The songs are youthful and peppy and connected chords with the youngsters. All the songs are well shot. 'Google Google' and 'E Simple Chinnode' stand out. James Leon's background music made a good impact. Manikandan's cinematography is beautiful and elevated the scenes. The editing of Garry could have been better especially in the second half. The repetitive scenes could have been taken care of.

Vishwak Sen performed well in the role of a youngster going in search of love. He expressed and emoted himself quite well on screen. He looked handsome and charming and entertained with his antics and comedy in the scenes he proposed to various girls. However in the emotional scenes, when he tried to deliver dialogues with a choked voice, he looked artificial. Nivetha Thomas looked impressive and attractive in her role who tries to make Vishwak Sen happy. Murali Sharma as the politician is ok in his role which is key to the story. However, he got limited scope to perform. Simran Choudhary did not get much scope to perform and she just passed through the motions. The same is the case with the other heroine Megha Lekha. Other actors performed their roles accordingly.


Vishwak Sen

First half to some extent

A couple of songs



Second half


Missing emotional connect

Rating Analysis

Paagal raised expectations with the trailer which showed Vishwaksen proposing to 1600 girls. Director Naresh Koppili drew inspiration from many earlier hit films like Srivariki Premalekha etc but he failed to highlight the emotions in a powerful and impactful manner. Everything turned routine and forced and with the artificial and superficial look, the film failed to connect chords with the movie lovers. To some extent, the screenplay is ok in the first half, but it went missing in the second half. Director Naresh himself missed the clarity on how to turn Paagal into. Whether he should show it as an emotional, youthful entertainer or hilarious entertainer. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Paagal.


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