Ori Devuda Review

Ori Devuda Review
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Director: Ashwath Marimuthu
Producer: Param V. Potluri, Pearl V. Potluri
Release Date: Fri 21st Oct 2022
Actors: Vishwak Sen
Ori Devuda Rating: 3 / 5
Ori Devuda Punchline: Fun-filled Fantasy

What's Behind

Vishwak Sen is a talented young hero who is waiting for a big break at the box-office. Most of his films are well received by the audience for its content. This time he joined hands with renowned production houses like PVP and SVC for a fun-filled rom-com 'Ori Devuda'. Victory Venkatesh playing as God is a major attraction for this film. This is an official remake of Tamil Blockbuster Oh My Kadavule which is written and directed by original creator Ashwath Marimuthu. 'Ori Devuda' released on October 21st for Diwali.

Story Review

Arjun (Vishwak Sen) Anu (Mithila Palkar) Mani (Ashwin Kakumanu) are childhood friends. One day Anu proposes Arjun to get married as they are friends and they know each other. As Arjun didn't find any reasons to reject the proposal, he okays it without conviction. After marriage Arjun finds hard to treat Anu like a wife and didn't like after marriage life. He even didn't like the job his father in law gets him in Anu's company. With Meera (Asha Bhat), highschool senior who also was a crush to Arjun entering his life again, Arjun realises he made a wrong decision about marriage and how he gave up on his dreams. He seeks divorce with Anu. Here comes the biggest turn in the tale. Arjun gets a second chance to correct his decisions and to look things in different perspective. What is that second chance and How did he gets it, Where did Venkatesh fits in all these forms 'Ori Devuda'

Artists, Technicians Review

Writer and Director Ashwath Marimuthu came up with a unique idea of blending many aspects into a romantic comedy. He neatly executed the first half where we feel the pain and frustration of Arjun. The Venkatesh's character is cleverly utilised to make the narrative move forward in sync with the main story. The interval takes the story an unexpected turn.

The second half is also executed neatly with exploring each character more in another perspective compared to the first half. But, in a more emotional manner. The pace of the film also takes a dip after a point in second half. It feels some scenes were stretched beyond a point with an aim to extract more emotions. The climax is neatly handled.

Vishwak Sen carried his role with ease and displayed contrast emotions effortlessly. He displayed the frustration in the first half and realisation in second half in a very impressive and balanced manner. Except where he laughs out loud, it seems very artificial whenever it comes in the film.

Mithila Palkar is apt as Anu who is deeply in love with Arjun but never put her emotions at display often. Though she looks mismatch for that role, she made it up with a very good performance. Asha Bhat is adequate and did her part well. Murali Sharma and Aswin Kakumanu helped the proceedings with their valuable performances. Director Puri Jagannadh played himself and he made his presence felt even with one scene. And finally Victory Venkatesh... His charm and modern look of God added wow factor to 'Ori Devuda'. With his experience he convincingly pulled off the fantasy element in the film.

Cinematography by Vidhu Aayanna looks colorful with vibrant visuals. He used perfect colors and lighting to bring the vibe of a colourful rom-com. Leon James music is one of the major highlights. He has given a couple of chartbusters and equally good background score elevating the mood and emotions which are key to this genre. Vijay's editing is adequate. Dialogues by Tharun Bhascker are impressive and to the point. He wrote some fine dialogues during crucial conversations. Production values by PVP are top-notch. 'Ori Devuda' definitely adds more value to the banner. PRO turned Executive Producer Vamsi Kaka deserves a mention for perfectly delivering a quality product.


  • Venkatesh
  • Vishwak Sen
  • Cinematography
  • Music


  • Repetitive At Times
  • Less Comedy In Second Half

Rating Analysis

Altogether 'Ori Devuda' has a cool and entertaining first half with an interesting turn towards the interval. The second half is dealt more in emotions and sometimes feel dragged more than required and thus feels repetitive. Less entertainment during the second half is another complaint. But, it never goes off track and keeps us engaged till the end. Nevertheless, 'Ori Devuda' is a fairly enjoyable tale. Cinejosh goes with 3 rating for Ori Devuda.

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