Orey Baammardi Review

Orey Baammardi Review
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Director: Sasi
Producer: Sri Lakshmi Jyothi Creations
Release Date: Fri 13th Aug 2021
Actors: Siddharth
Orey Baammardi Rating: 2 / 5
Orey Baammardi Punchline: Turns out to be routine sodi

What's Behind

Siddharth attained stardom in Tollywood with youthful entertainers. Of late he lost his sheen and disappeared completely from the screen. Siddharth's Tamil film Sivappu Manjal Pachai is releasing in Telugu as Orey Bammardi on August 13, 2021. The film stars GV. Prakash Kumar and is generating immense buzz as it is directed by Sasi of Bichchagadu fame. Let us see what impact Orey Bammardi can do at the box office.

Story Review

Siblings Madan (GV Prakash Kumar) and Raaji aka Rajyalakshmi (Lijomol Jose) who are orphans grew up caring and loving each other. Madan is crazy of bike racing and he does so with his friends without the knowledge of his sister. One fine day, his relatives get a good match for his sister. Raaji also likes Rajasekhar (Siddharth), young and upright traffic police. Madan however gets a shock on seeing Rajasekhar and he expresses his opposition against the alliance to his sister. To find out why Madan is opposed to Raji and Rajasekhar's alliance and how this changes the lives of Madan, Raji and Rajasekhar, watch Orey Baammardi on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Sasi who created a sensation with Bichchagadu tried to highlight the emotions between brother and sister, lovers, and also more importantly brother and brother in law. He came with a simple story and showed how overprotective brother tries to dictate terms to his sister and couldn't digest the reality when she opposes him and chooses her own path. This resulted in many scenes getting repeated, affecting the pace of the film. Though the characters are realistic, the story turned out to be routine and resembles that of 80s films. Everything looked routine and normal and only at times dialogues elevated the scenes.  Everything looks predictable right from the start till the finish. There is nothing much to talk about the story, screenplay, and direction but Sasi gets credit for the realistic portrayal of characters and their emotions. For all the so-called emotions, the narration turns out to be a clash between male egos that was summarised well in the climax. Inbetween the narration is marred by Madan's childish ways to cancel the alliance. The bava bammardi relationship at times is overdone and after the initial interesting start, the climax turns out to be routine.

Siddharth performed well as an honest cop and he looked young and fit in the role with a good physique. GV. Prakash Kumar played his role as a protective brother and also as a youngster crazy about bike racing. However, for all their efforts, Sasi couldn't get the intense expressions from both of them. Deepa Ramanujam as Siddharth's mother performed her role well and she got some powerful dialogues that are thought-provoking. Kashmira Paradesi as Kavin,girlfriend of Madan did not get much scope to perform but she got a couple of powerful dialogues which changes the story taking it to another level.

San Lokesh's editing could have been far better. There are many repetitive scenes and routine elements which affected the film's pace and narration. Prasanna Kumar's cinematography is ok but it could have been better during the bike racing scenes. The VFX looked below standard. Siddhu Kumar's background score is ok and there is only one song in the film. The song is situational and has nothing much to talk about. Production values are ok.



Few emotions



Outdated story

Screenplay, Direction


Rating Analysis

Siddarth's Orey Bammardi directed by Sasi of Bichagadu fame increased expectations. Sasi who highlighted the emotions however failed to generate interest as everything turned out to be predictable. Overdosage of sentiments and emotions and the slow pace tested the patience of the viewers. The outdated story offers nothing new. Considering all these aspects, CJ goest with a 2 rating for Orey Bammardi.


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