Operation Gold Fish Review

Operation Gold Fish Review
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Director: Sai Kiran Adivi
Producer: Prathiba Adivi
Release Date: Fri 18th Oct 2019
Actors: Aadi
Operation Gold Fish Rating: 2.0 / 5
Operation Gold Fish Punchline: Operation Failed

Operation Gold Fish Review, What’s Behind?

Sai Kiran Adivi previously made soft and romantic entertainers has come up with an action thriller for the first time. Aadi who is on flop streak has played the lead. Will this film provide much needed break for both?

Operation Gold Fish Story Review:

NSG Commander Arjun (Aadi) successfully accomplishes his mission to capture the most wanted terrorist group leader Ghazi Baba (Abburi Ravi) who is behind killings of many Kashmir Pundits including Arjun’s parents. Farooq (Manoj Nandam), Baba’s protégé activates Operation Gold Fish which is intended to free Baba from the Jail. What is this Operation Gold Fish? How this is linked to group of friends in Hyderabad? Will Arjun’s all great efforts go in vain? Who wins the battle between the NSG Commander and the Terrorist Leader?

Operation Gold Fish Artists, Technicians Review:

The main plot itself was not convincing. When the other side of the story is opened, after a military operation, both the protagonist and antagonist become passive. We lose entire connection when the story shifts from serious angle to youthful mode. The transition happens so quickly and we cannot cope up. It is completely the director’s blunder to pass the time on unnecessary elements. Sai Kiran Adivi taking was also of TV serial standards. Adding more woes is the poor support from all the other technical team. Jaipal Reddy’s cinematography and Sri Charan Pakala’s music adds to the big list of drawbacks. Garry BH might have activated sleep mode while editing the film. Production values of Vinayakudu Talkies are also average.

Onto performances, Aadi looked fit to play the role of a NSG Commander. But, he wasn’t given enough scope. Abburi Ravi was restricted for couple of expressions, though looks wise he was apt for the role. Manoj Nandam was decent, wherein Krishnudu was torturous in not-so-funny role. Anish Kuruvilla was regular. The airtel girl Sasha Chettri was just okay, and so the friends batch. Nithya Naresh looked good.

Operation Gold Fish Review Advantages:


Very Few Scenes

Operation Gold Fish Review Drawbacks:

Conventional Story

Tedious Screenplay




Operation Gold Fish Review, Rating Analysis:

Sai Kiran Adivi opted a wrong step of including youthful elements in a patriotic entertainer thus killed his own fish. More importantly, the film lacked the basic thrills which is basic obligation for the film in this genre. It seems director penned the story long ago and made only few changes when he decided to take it on sets.

Actually, the film begins on an appealing note with the depiction of the hitches of Kashmir Pandits. The episodes of higher officials interrogating Aadi looks exciting initially but things go off beam as the story progresses. When we expect the momentum to pick up after a military operation, the sub-plot will only augment the pain. Almost none of the college episodes were compelling. Even the interval episode was also not bang on.

The real test begins in second half with the complete focus is shifted to friends batch. The confused romantic track will not provide any hilarity. Aadi’s role becomes passive until the pre-climax episode. The commando operation lacked excitement. The climax was also customary with Aadi neglecting his higher officials orders to take on the terrorists.

All in all, Operation Gold Fish is a failure attempt from Sai Kiran Adivi and team. The film hardly has any freshness to rejoice. Except for very few interesting elements, we hardly find any positives. CJ goes with 2 star rating and the film may not survive at box office.


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