Oopiri Review

Oopiri Review
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Oopiri Review, What’s Behind: King Nagarjuna playing a paraplegic is an enough factor to pull our attention towards the film which also has Karthi, Tamanna in leads. Directed by Vamsy Paidipally, this ‘Oopiri’ is largely inspired from French hit ‘The Intouchables.’ Known for lavish production standards, let us see how far PVP Cinema restored the soul from original?

Oopiri Story: Seenu (Karthi) is an Awara just out from prison on parole with help of advocate (Ali). Unable to mingle with his family (Mother Jayasudha and brother, sister), Seenu goes in search of a job and is selected as caretaker for paraplegic business tycoon Vikramadithya aka Vikram (Nagarjuna). Fed up with commiseration from people around, Vikram wants to live life on his own terms. So, he falls for the originality, openness and carefree attitude in Seenu which bonds them together. Meanwhile, Seenu goes on flirt the bewitching beauty Keerthi (Tamanna), Secretary to Vikram. How Seenu changes the life of Vikram and in turn how Seenu understands the real meaning of life in company of Vikram forms the rest of emotional narrative.

Oopiri Artists and Technicians: For any film, a basic theme or what we say soul is an important part to drive the screenplay. Vamsy Paidipally’s wonderful inclination in understanding ‘The Intouchables’ and valiant perspective to pick up Nagarjuna, Karthi for main leads has put the film on half way to victory. Rest lied in emoting the needed excellence from artists building the beautiful relationships between them. A wafer thin storyline with herculean message infused made ‘Oopiri,’ the real winner. Vamsy Paidipally’s adaptation from French original is just perfect. The emotional screenplay and every scene, every character knitted properly into execution isn’t an easy task. Hats Off to writing department for coming out with beautiful colors. PS Vinod camera work is a feast for eyes. Editing from Madhu is so smooth and doesn’t let you drift away from the emotional feel. Gopi Sundar composed a couple of excellent melodies and BGM is stood out as the best. Production values of Prasad V Potluri and PVP Cinema is a fresh breath.

Onto performances, Nagarjuna is just brilliant in a dignified character with lot many emotions expressed only through eyes. You are sure to connect with Vikramadithya. The actor to run away with major credits is Karthi. He is power house for entire show. His comic timing is impeccable and how come a Tamil actor drawing enormous ease in rendering Telugu dialogues will surely surprise us. He was spontaneous and natural. Tamanna is gorgeous and did the part effortlessly. Thanks for dubbing on her own. Prakash Raj does the role with grace and his transformation scene with Karthi is spellbound. Jayasudha is authentic and so are her family members. Tanikella Bharani, Ali added their part. Rest, everyone gave their best. 

Oopiri Rating Analysis: The first area Vamsy Paidipally needs to be appreciated is stretching a 120+ minutes movie inspired from ‘The Intouchables,’ in fact the original ends just with our first half. Entire second half, although looks dragged but the way Vamsy locked each character into the screenplay wrenching a feel good emotion is superb feat. Nowhere, we find lose characters or waste episodes. Elements of friendship, son and mother family sentiment, beautiful romance and finally, the subject of rich Vs poor or the role of money Vs companion in our life are dealt with grace.

To summarize ‘The Intouchables’ in few words, you will laugh in joy; cry in painless heart pinching and take the exit door with a haunting feel good emotion. Despite there are few drawbacks in second half yet ‘Oopiri’ is a new experiment with a Telugu star hero and Tamil star hero joining as a team to deliver a top quality product. Emotions cannot be differentiated between class and mass public. A feeling that hooks us in tenderness is forever remembered.

‘Oopiri’ is a collective show of entire team from artists to technicians. They provided a film with humanity and idiosyncrasy. ‘Oopiri’ is simple, smart and a winning one. This is honest depictions of beauty in real life with fictionally created characters. Exhausted watching the regular commercial masala entertainers, this product from Nag, Karthi and Vamsy oozed a fresh lease of life.  

Commercially, ‘Oopiri’ had all the stuff to catch the pulse of class audience and how far it reaches to masses has to be wait and seen. Congratulating the entire PVP team for their out of box thinking, Cinejosh rates ‘Oopiri’ with 3.25 stars.

Oopiri Cinejosh Verdict: Honestly Beautiful Film!

                                                   Oopiri Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5.0

                                                                                     Reviewed by Srivaas

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