OMG - O Manchi Ghost Review

OMG - O Manchi Ghost Review
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Director: Shankar Marthand
Producer: Abinika Inabathuni
Release Date: Fri 21st Jun 2024
Actors: Vennela Kishore, Nandita Swetha, Shakalaka Shankar, Naveen Neni, Nagineedu, Rajath Raghav and others
OMG (O Manchi Ghost) Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: OMG (O Manchi Ghost) - Entertaining Ghost !

OMG - O Manchi Ghost (2024): What's Behind

O Manchi Ghost is set to captivate audiences with its star-studded cast, featuring the comedic prowess of Vennela Kishore, alongside talented actors Nandita Swetha and Shakalaka Shankar in pivotal roles. Directed by Shankar Marthand, the film is scheduled for release on June 21, 2024.

Vennela Kishore's OMG: Story Review

O Manchi Ghost story is all about four people and the drastic step they take when they are dire need of money and the consequences they faces when they enter into a bungalow. Chaitanya (Rajat Raghav), Pavuram (Shakalaka Shankar), Raziya (Navami Gayak), and Lakshman (Naveen Neni) cross paths at a police station and discover that they are all in desperate need of money due to various circumstances.

To resolve their financial struggles, they decide to kidnap Keerthi (Nandita Swetha), the daughter of MLA Sadasiva Rao (Nagineedu). However, they encounter a series of shocking events. The story then unfolds to reveal how Aathma (Vennela Kishore) is connected to their predicament, forming the rest of the narration.

Nandita Swetha's O Manchi Ghost: Artists Review

The film features many well-known artists. Rajat Ragava, Shakalaka Shankar and Naveen Neni played crucial roles and delivered commendable performances. Navami Gayak also performed well, and Nandita Swetha captivates with her screen presence, especially when the twist involving her character is revealed.

Shakalaka Shankar created a few laughs and, along with Vennela Kishore, managed to entertain viewers with their antics. Other actors like Nagineedu and Raghu Babu performed their roles effectively.

OMG (O Manchi Ghost) Movie: Technicians Review

O Manchi Ghost story readied by Shankar Marthand is a comedy flick with horror backdrop. Many films have tackled similar themes before, but Shankar Marthand aimed to be different by portraying the ghost in a positive light. The proceedings start slowly with routine scenes and dialogues, and other actors take center stage while viewers eagerly await the introduction of Vennela Kishore.

Shankar Marthand attempts to evoke laughs by introducing various characters such as Rajat Ragava, Shakalaka Shankar, Navami Gayak, Naveen Neni, Nandita Swetha, and others. The entry of Vennela Kishore heightens interest, and the comedy scenes involving Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar entertain the audience.

A well-planned flashback episode could have significantly elevated the film. Despite this, Shankar Marthand does a decent job with the story, screenplay, and direction. With a bit more fine-tuning of the script, additional twists, and more hilarious dialogues, the film could have reached another level. The dialogues are satisfactory, with some being particularly entertaining.

Anup Rubens' songs are just okay, but he makes an impression with his background score, which elevates the scenes. Andrew Babu's cinematography makes the film visually appealing. MR. Varma's editing is acceptable but could have been much better, as many scenes disrupt the flow. The production values are decent.

OMG (O Manchi Ghost): Advantages

  • Vennela Kishore
  • Shakalaka Shankar
  • Few  Laughs

OMG (O Manchi Ghost): Disadvantages

  • Missing Emotions
  • Flashback

OMG (O Manchi Ghost) Telugu Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, O Manchi Ghost entertains to some extent. Banking on Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar, the film evokes a few laughs. However, a little fine-tuning of the script and a racy screenplay with powerful emotions would have elevated the film to another level. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh rates with a 2.5 stars for 'O Manchi Ghost'.

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