Om Shanthi Movie Review.

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Om Shanthi Movie Review.
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Behind the Movie Om Shanthi: Frankly speaking there was nothing eye grabbing for ‘Om Shanthi’ release except heroine Kajal Agarwal and hero Navdeep. This movie has come from the banner of ‘Three Angels’ of Aswini Dutt’s daughters after their successful ‘Baanam.’ ‘Om Shanti’ has stood in this Sankranthi race competing with stalwarts like ‘Adurs’ and ‘Namo Venkatesha.’

In the Movie Om Shanthi:
Movie starts off with brutal bomb blast in Bangalore by Islamic terrorists in the name of ‘Jihad.’ Now these terrorists next target is a peaceful city and that is Hyderabad. Intelligence department who knows well in advance about the attack hands over the case to Task Force officer Mohammed Khan (Ravi Kale). With in this mean time, terrorist are successful in implanting the Time Bomb within the premises of Task Force Office, which has the capability to destroy the city with in the periphery of 1 Km.

On the other side there are five stories running, first it is the tale of a poor farmer Narsa Reddy (Murali Mohan) and his wife (Pragathi) along with a greedy son who are living in a village. Greedy son pressures his father to sell all the land in village in the name of real estate business. Narsa Reddy unable to bear the pressure looses his life while this merciless son sells the land and shifts to Hyderabad where in he looses all his money by the slump in real estate. Poor mother leaves his son, decides to go back to the village and is waiting for a city bus at a city bus stop.

Second, it is the tale of skillful Software Engineer Anand (Navdeep) who is working for ‘Satyam’ and is on the trials to find his bride. After few attempts finally he likes Anjali (Adithi Sharma) who is also a Software Engineer and both the families are ready for their marriage. At this point Anand looses his job due to recession and the marriage is almost called off. Fortunately Anjali stills love him and Anand with the help of Sunil Kataria (Sunil) finds another job. Now, Anjali is eager to meet his love and is waiting for a city bus at city bus stop.

Third, it is Meghana (Kajal Agarwal) a beautiful college going girl who tries everything in different is in love with a Radio Jockey Maddy (Madhavan), whom she has ever seen. Maddy changes her life style by showing her the happiness in serving the humanity. Theirs is a perfect love story where in Meghana is all in a hurry to meet Maddy and is waiting at a city bus stop.

Fourth, it is Noori (Bindu Madhavi) busy in her marriage arrangements with all kind of marriage hungama in her house. Her brother is none other than Basha (Rohith Paatak), the architect of this whole ‘Jihad.’ She is all to go for shopping and is waiting at a city bus stop.

Fifth, it is aspiring actor Teja ( Nikhil) who dreams to become a successful hero and reach the heights of hero Ravi Teja. After getting cheated in the hands of a mediator (Raghu Babu), Teja surprisingly gets an offer to act in the movie of ‘Vaishno Academy’ of  Puri Jagannath and is waiting at the bus stop to reach the academy.

Yes, you were right…all these five stories are ended up landing at the same bus stop which is none other than Task Force office bus stop. It is the time for blast of the deadly weapon which is already implanted in Task Force office.

Did the bomb blast? What happened to all these five stories? What was the climax? is only to be watched on the screen.

Values of the Movie Om Shanthi: Movie is a pack of five stories which are connected to a common thread in climax. All the stories run in parallel. Of the entire lot, Kajal Agarwal looked beautiful while Adithi Sharma is a perfect fit. Bindu Madhavi looked pale as Muslim community girl with no power in dialogues and Pragathi will make you cry. Among the heroes, Navdeep was handsome as ever and showcased the real sufferings of a Software Engineer. Nikhil, as an aspiring actor was okay and may attract mass audience.

Prakash, the Script writer and Director has tried his best to do justification to all five stories. Unfortunately none of the stories will really touch your heart. There was a lack of narration and stickiness in the script. During the entire run of the movie, audience finds it hard to connect with any of the character. Just at the time, when a patron gets into the groove of one of the character, it disappears and re appears only after nearly a dozen of scenes. Running of nearly 6 stories (5 + Terrorist plot) at a single stretch is a daunting task for a narrator and he fell flat in this aspect. Music by Ilayaraja was impressive in two songs. Camera work by Jayanan Vincent was spell bound in canning of songs. Editing by Marthand Venkatesh was great as it requires great skill to make audience understandable and move with six stories. Art work by Bhupesh R Bhupathi looked aesthetic in songs. Production values by Sheshu Priyanka Chalasani and ‘Three Angels’ are rich.

Out of the Movie Om Shanthi:
Undoubtedly this is a hatke movie with a message. All that Om Shanthi wants to convey is ‘Live in Peace (Shanthi)’ without destruction and terrorism. But, with these five stories taking the drivers seat, it is only during the start of the movie and end of the movie that audience hear this message. Remaining all time, it is slow narration which eats your brain. One will wonder, how Director was able to complete all the six stories with in a span of less than two hours of the movie?

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Om Shanthi: Good attempt with weak narration making it just an average movie.

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