Om 3D Movie Review

Om 3D Movie Review
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Director: Suneel Reddy
Producer: NTR Arts
Release Date: Fri 19th Jul 2013
Actors: Nandamuri Kalyanram
Om 3D Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Om 3D - Watch It One Time if You Have Time To Burn.

Behind the Movie Om 3D: Daring and dashing hero cum producer Nandamuri Kalyanram’s latest offering is this action flick made first time on Indian screen with 3D format. Havign faced many hiccups, movie arrive din theatres today. Let us see, how far NKR’s hard work will win the appreciations of public.

In the Movie Om 3D: Story begins with a huge fire blast and police cordoning the bridge area suspecting the definite death of Arjun (Kalyanram) and same being intimated to Ria (Nikesha Patel). Then into a see-saw of flashbacks and present, a saved Arjun narrates his story. Arjun is the only son of big businessman Harishchandra Prasad (Karthik) survived by wife (Sitara), brother Bhanu Prakash (Suresh) and a close friend Ashok (Ahuti Prasad). 

Arjun loves his father so much and entertains to see any enemy like local politician Bairi Reddy (Rao Ramesh) growing in the city. Here comes the twist when Bairi Reddy releases the dreaded goon Bhavani Shankar (Sampath Kumar) from jail to kill Harishchandra Prasad by using a mind game with Anjali (Kriti Kharbhanda) entering into the love life of Arjun. However, Ashok’s daughter Ria also enters into Arjun’s life. At a time when Arjun begins to go against the will of his father rejecting the marriage with Ria, a series of interesting twists result in death of Ashok and a deadly accident to Anjali. Now, Arjun goes on a chase for Bhavani Shankar and Bairi Reddy to encounter some eye opening facts about his life. What are these brass tacks? How is Arjun betrayed by his own people? All these form rest of pre-climax and climax. 

Values of the Movie Om 3D: Being at ease and untroubled by the budget, Kalyanram finally released the first action 3D film in action genre on Indian cinema. Performance wise, Kalyanram has developed a lot relative to his past films. He even tonsured the head in demand with character and this one really worked because he is simply dynamic in this new look. Heroine Nikesha Patel oozed a lot of oomph including the single piece bikini. Then, Krithi Kharbhanda was as usual into a homely role playing with authenticity. Best in the show is Tamil artist Karthik (‘Abhinandana’ hero) and his exhibition of charm with a twist around is simply superb. Sampath Kumar is also fine. Then comes Suresh, Ahuthi Prasad, Surya doing their portions.       

What is Good:

1. Kalyanram Hardwork

2. Cinematography

3. Pre-Climax Lock

4. Rich Visuals

5. Action Choreography with 3D Effects

What is Bad:

1. No Emotional Graph

2. Dead Romantic Track

3. Waste Heroines

4. Bad Writing

5. Missing in Conviction

6. Regular Climax

7. No Comedy

Out of the Movie Om 3D: The sheer joy of watching this film can be felt only in the pre-climax twists which director Suneel Reddy has effectively tackled. Stories of this genre usually tend to go routine with a known stream of episodes floating one by one on screen. For audience who complained of monotony in story and script stood thrilled by final half an hour which is the real essence of Om 3D. As director Suneel Reddy is a cinematographer by profession, he knew the areas where output needs to be enhanced. 

First of all, Kalyanram tolerated this with lot of patience and today he can enjoy a better product in his career. After ‘Athanokkade,’ this is definitely the top quality script he worked on. If at all, some commercial elements (like humor) could have been added to the script, this is a hit product. More over, the crispness maintained by curtailing the run time to just 2 hours is a welcome change in our conventional mindset. Once first half closed in less than a hour, audience were left dismayed. But, it was a smooth flow with no big hurdles. Then coming to second half, narration goes on beaten lines till the pre-climax.

Among other departments, background score is more effective than the main score of Atchu and Sai Karthik. Camera work of Ajayan Vincent is top notch and Goutham Raju’s editing is also laudable. Finally, production values of NTR Arts and Kalyanram need a special adoration. Finally, Om 3D is a complete action film with betrayal, revenge formula and a new scripting. Enjoy this even for some fascinating 3D effects never seen on Indian screen. Commercially, one has to wait and see how far Om 3D can match the billowed budget adventured.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Om 3D: Watch It One Time if You Have Time To Burn.

                                                        Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5

                                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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