Oka Manasu Review

Oka Manasu Review
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Oka Manasu Review, What’s Behind: Mega daughter Niharika’s debut is one of the most awaited in recent times. Promoted as a poetic romantic film with soothing music, Naga Shaurya has done the male lead. The movie is directed by Rama Raju of ‘Mallela Theeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu’ fame. Sunil Kashyap scored music. Madhura Sreedhar Reddy is the producer. Let’s get more into the review portion.

Oka Manasu Story: The basic point isn’t large. It aims on connecting current generation youth for whom love is always pure. There is a cute, innocent and simple living medico Sandhya (Niharika) falls in love with aspiring politician Surya (Naga Shaurya). When everything goes smoothly with love track, Surya’s career poses challenges before Sandhya. As girls in love care more for their counterparts, Sandhya slowly changes herself to make a harmonious living with Surya. Situations turn so adverse and Sandhya takes an extreme step to see Surya win in life and fulfill his father (Rao Ramesh) wish. What’s this extreme step… watch it on big screen!

Oka Manasu Artists and Technicians: In fact, the film appears to be elementarily executed on screen. But, the hard work put in behind the screen by writer and director Rama Raju has to be appreciated. He appeared like a natural poet and nature poet. Continuing his penchant from ‘Mallela Theeramlo’ to ‘Oka Manasu,’ his treatment stood pure, refreshing. Screenplay could have been better in first 90 minutes where nothing goes bright on story front. Everything went lethargic. Repetitive scenes and dialogues test our patience. Last 30 minutes or so, the film raises next level carrying heaviness injected directly into our hearts. A vague and absurd flavor in the narration solidifies here into a soft, strong feel. Director in Rama Raju scored high in these portions. Much of the dialogues are one or two liners but have underpinned loads of philosophy. Visuals captured in Ram Reddy camera are so pleasant to eyes. Vizag beach locations added a new touch. So is the soothing RR and melodious songs composed by Sunil Kashyap, well written by lyricists Bhaskarabhatla, Rama Jogayya Shastri. Editing from Dharmendra Kakarala could have been sharper in first half. Madhura Sreedhar Reddy, TV 9 production values are amazing.

On to performances, Naga Shaurya slipped effortlessly into the aspiring politician character. He managed to put a balanced show in romance and professionally struggling episodes. In those unimaginable climax, Shaurya pinches us into tears. Coming to Niharika, how many debutants would love to face such challenging roles? She can never get such beautifully written, author backed characterization full of innocence, honesty and truthful. For a debutant, this is much more than required. Niha was dull and boring in first half. However, once connected with audience you can’t ignore her. Dialogue modulation and expression, she has to work more. Many beautiful moments shared between Shaurya and Niha are sure to connect with present day love birds. Rao Ramesh played a caring and sacrificial father. Pragathi’s internal struggle is well portrayed. Raja Ravindra, Hemanth are also good. Avasarala Srinivas, Nagineedu have done accordingly. Rest did their job.

Oka Manasu Rating Analysis: Realistic love stories have high success rate in Telugu industry but in reality, only few film makers make those genuine attempts. Simple conversations between two lovers might appear non-sense for others but those are real precious moments treasured. Rama Raju extensively worked on those areas to complete first half with unclear approach. Despite visuals are pleasing and so is the music, chemistry between leads yet film falls short in the first half. Films lacks in comprehensive narration and audience left clueless on what’s happening with this director. Registering the characters by plotting the right seeds is what was done in first half.

By second half and especially pre climax, four characters like Shaurya, Niha, Rao Ramesh and Nagineedu are interlocked into one common conflict. With none of them having negative shades, Rama Raju showed the skill moving to a well designed climax. 

Oka Manasu is undoubtedly a great debut for Niharika and Shaurya nailed it. With whole lot of boredom in first half and a heavy duty climax, this film has every chance to win the critics applause. Definitely, Oka Manasu has a heart and soul in concept. Loose execution with missing logics and reasoning makes it just an average to above average product with 2.75 rating. Commercially, Oka Manasu might fare well in metros and other top order centers. All in all, this is a right movie for audience if you bear the boring moments in first half. Climax keeps you hooked.

Oka Manasu Cinejosh Verdict: Dull But As Pure As Gold.

                                                          Oka Manasu Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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