Oka Criminal Prema Katha Review

Oka Criminal Prema Katha Review
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Behind the Movie OCPK: Filmmaker P Sunil Kumar Reddy known for picking subjects of hard-hitting substance has come up with one more. With a relatively new lead star cast, presence of Sathyanand is something special here. Let us get into the Katha.

In the Movie OCPK: Story begins with Srinu (Manoj Nandam) attacking heroine Bindu (Priyanka Pallavi) with acid at her house. He is arrested by police and thus starts his flash back love story. Srinu and Bindu fall in love at Nellimerla village but Bindu is forced to land in Vizag to save ailing father with the help of her uncle (Sathyanand). Following Bindu, Srinu also steps into Vizag to join as canteen boy in Bindu’s college. However, Bindu neglects Srinu for a monstrous reason. Sooner or later, when Bindu understands the purity in love of Srinu, she asks him to kill one close person who sexually played havoc with her life. Who is he? Why did Srinu pour acid on Bindu? All these form rest.

Values & Out of the Movie OCPK: There is a thin line of demarcation between sensible sexuality and unbearable vulgarity which P Sunil Kumar Reddy has completely failed to understand. It is not mandatory for hard-hitting concepts to get commercial applause. The way our director tried to deal a tricky contemporary burning issue with unsusceptible treatment cannot be acknowledged for. Crudeness in subject is killed with profane obscenity in the name of child abuse which is summarized in end titles. 

OMG, this man seems to have missed the basic difference between Sexual Harassment and Child Abuse. A girl whose puberty function is celebrated is still addressed as a child sounds highly illogical. In the name of message, it looked like a B, C grade semi porn film offered to lower classes. Neither characterizations have strength Nor their behavior support our director’s cause! There are plenty of episodes where one feels of watching a Blue Film with camera placed in wrong angle. How far, this matured director can justify such content as family oriented and youth enlightening? 

The only positive throughout this watch is, few polished scenes well dealt with good screenplay in beginning portions of second half when Bindu unveils on how she was sexually exploited. Later on, it is just above oppressive. Technically, none of the departments worked for a quality output. May it be cinematography or editing or music, all of them were a collective failure. Dialogues sounded good now and then. Clearly, Sunil Kumar Reddy was over-sympathetic towards female gender which isn’t a new subject for our directors. 

Despite all these negatives, I am uninterested in touching or revealing the actual content which this film is made of. Such subjects can win critics accolades only if dealt as a separable part of main thread. There is no use, if you make it a core plot and add high handed vulgarity concealing as a message for youth and families. I personally opine that, ‘OCPK’ is a false face to serve the youth audience with bundles of adult content. Thankfully, artists lived up to audience expectations in those scenes. 

Manoj Nandam did well as a true lover; Priyanka Pallavi had those guts to go for a bold skin show readily surrendering before sexual urge of men without putting any struggle. Anil Kalyan showed a bit of comic timing. Sathyanand Sir, this role is a dirty and daffy pick for a man of your standards. Of the rest, including the college going students’ batch, none is worth to talk about. 

Irrespective of Sunil Kumar Reddy’s (honest, if he thinks so) concept, screenplay and artists performance, one could easily stamp this product as a milder version of a classic blue film. This reason, movie might sell in B and C centers for few days. Overall, Sunil Kumar Reddy mark is missing.

Cinejosh Verdict of OCPK: Vulgarly Ugly.

                                                            Cinejosh Rating: 2

                                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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