Oka Chinna Family Story Review

Oka Chinna Family Story Review
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Director: Mahesh Uppala
Producer: Niharika Konidela
Release Date: Fri 19th Nov 2021
Actors: Sangeeth Shoban
Oka Chinna Family Story Rating: 2.5 / 5
Oka Chinna Family Story Punchline: Whacky comedy saves it from becoming a tragedy.

What's Behind

Sangeeth Sobhan's Oka Chinna Family Story directed by Mahesh Uppala generated immense interest ahead of its release. The web series is streaming on Zee 5 and let us see what it offered to viewers.

Story Review

Mahesh (Sangeeth Sobhan) who comes from a middle-class family passes time listlessly without doing any job much to the angst of his parents, especially his father Haridas (Naresh). Instead of searching for a job, he tries to woo beautiful girl Keerthi (Simran Shetty) and as she takes her own time to reciprocate his feelings, he asks his parents to talk to her parents about the match. In the midst of all this, he gets a huge shock when his father passes away leaving a debt of Rs 25 lakhs. How Mahesh comes out of his financial problems and whether he will be able to win over Keerthi and marry her from Oka Chinna Family story's crux.

Artists, Technicians Review

Mahesh Uppala along with Manasa Sharma penned the story for the web series. the web series has five episodes and each episode is of 40 minutes in duration. Each of the episodes is named in an interesting and right manner as  ‘The First EMI’, ‘Of the Money, by the Money, for the Money’, ‘Ousting Days’, and ‘Truth Or Dare?’ While the first episode introduces the characters and generated lot of fun and gave wholesome entertainment to the viewers, the second episode concentrated on emotional points. The emotional points are not highlighted in a powerful manner. The third and fourth episodes slowed down the intensity with the romantic scenes which are not elevated properly. The final episode picks up pace and intensity with good emotions.

Mahesh Uppala more than the emotional content banked on the entertaining and hilarious elements to attract viewers. He created lot of humour in various scenes to create a laughing riot in a natural and realistic manner. The realistic portrayal of characters, environment and proceedings make viewers get connected to the story instantly. Though few scenes turnout to be routine and boring with emotions, it did not affect the outcome in a negative manner. the story is simple with no real twists and turns but hilarious scenes saves the series.

PK.Dandi attracted with his songs and made a good impact with his background music. The cinematography of Raju Edurolu beautified the film. Pravin Pudi's editing could have been better especially in the third and fourth episodes. Dialogues are good and production values are fine.

Sangeeth Sobhan attracted with his performance. His dialogue delivery is good. He did his role well with good expressions and emotions. Simran Shetty got a limited role to perform. Tulasi did well in the role of his mother. She came with good expressions and emotions. The scenes involving Sangeeth Sobhanand Tulasi came quite well in a realistic and innocent manner. Naresh did the role of his father quite well. The role is tailor-made for him. Pramila Rani in the role of grandmother lived in the role. Others performed accordingly.


Sangeeth Sobhan

Hilarious scenes

Realistic portrayal of characters



Routine elements

Predictable narration

Rating Analysis

Oka Chinna Family Story directed by Mahesh Uppala starts in an entertaining manner but quickly loses steam in the middle episodes. the pace picks up with interesting elements in the final episode and attracts viewers. A little bit of fine-tuning doing away with the redundant and boring scenes would have worked wonders for the webseries. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.5 rating for Oka Chinna Family Story.


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