Oh Baby Review

Oh Baby Review
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Director: Nandini Reddy
Producer: Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati
Release Date: Fri 05th Jul 2019
Actors: Samantha
Oh Baby Rating: 2.75 / 5
Oh Baby Punchline: Little Of Everything

Oh Baby Review, What’s Behind?

Oh Baby is an experimental heroine centric film, an official remake of Korean hit Miss Granny which was successfully remade in several foreign languages. Samantha and Nandini Reddy are hoping that Telugu audience too will adore the film. Let’s see whether the story has those sensibilities to connect Telugu audience.

Oh Baby Story Review:

A 70 year old foul-mouthed and tough woman Savitri aka Baby (Lakshmi) who sacrificed her entire life to serve family is forced to leave house, when her daughter-in-law (Pragathi) suffers mild stroke because of over-dominating nature. The god whom she hates gives her a chance to go back early 20s.

Residing as tenant at her best friend Chanti’s (Rajendra Prasad) house, Baby changes her name to Swathi (Samantha) and starts leading a happy life. She joins grandson (Teja)’s musical band to take part in a singing competition where she becomes close to the program coordinator (Naga Shaurya). But, the god’s boon is not permanent and she realizes it in an incident to become a bane. Whether Baby remains young forever or goes back to old age is rest.

Oh Baby Artists, Technicians Review:

Nandini Reddy picked a tough subject which she actually adopted from a Korean film Miss Granny. Somehow she managed to bring freshness by adding right dose of emotions which surely will strike a chord with family audience. But, adding more fun should have brought completeness to rather weak script. Nandini, however, should also be lauded for picking right artists for all lead roles. The mystery behind a 70 yr old turning 24 year old young lady was also shown convincingly. And the portions of Samantha going back as Lakshmi were also portrayed believably. Dialogues by Lakshmi Bhupal are thought-provoking. Mickey J Meyer showed his class in background score and songs were not that pleasing. Music is an integral part of the film as per the story. Camera work from Richard Prasad is picture perfect. Editor Junaid Siddique should have chopped many unnecessary and boring scenes especially in second half. Production values of Suresh Productions are good.

Onto performances, Lakshmi lived in the character of typical old lady who troubles her family with willful attitude. She was fun and equally emotional. But, the real challenge was for Samantha who needed to enact an old lady. The body language and mannerisms bought humor at times. Rajendra Prasad is also at his usual best as Baby’s best friend. Rao Ramesh is other biggest asset. Couple of scenes in second half shows how good actor he is. Jagapathi Babu was okay in a cameo as god. Adivi Sesh didn’t get single dialogue, though makes an impact. Naga Shaurya looked handsome but his role was gratuitously lengthy, unnecessary. Teja Sajja was also given enough unwanted space. Other artists played their parts neatly.

Oh Baby Review Advantages:

Samantha and other lead artists

Emotional Connect



Oh Baby Review Drawbacks:

Take Off




Simple Climax


Oh Baby Review, Rating Analysis:

More than parents, kids develop a good bonding with grandparents. After they grew up, they become bigoted about eccentricity in old people. The over-caring attitude of old people appears agonizing to youth who starts disregarding them. Nonetheless, they realize the value of old ones after their demise. Nandini Reddy tried to depict this point. Ironically, predictable screenplay played spoilsport.

First half begins on slow note with introduction of Lakshmi’s family and then focus is on friendship with Rajendra Prasad. Samantha is introduced only after a lengthy half an hour which is not smart thinking. Then, the narration turns humorous and intriguing. But, again, time is wasted on unnecessary episodes centred on Naga Shaurya and Teja. Interval is not bang on.

Latter half too begins on sluggish note with Rajendra Prasad developing fondness towards his ‘young’ friend. Samantha and Naga Shaurya track is also not intriguing. While, the realization scene of Samantha was funny, Pragathi’s realization of oversight was shown in convincingly emotional way. Rao Ramesh steals the show in couple of scenes which indeed are best parts in the film. And movie ends on a simple note with extension of a twist of Naga Chaitanya’s entry.

All in all, Oh Baby is a good movie with good performances from lead actors and emotions that will connect well with family audience. Had Nandini Reddy included more fun, the film would have equally connected to all section of audience. One might feel repetitive after a point of time with too much of goodness inserted in every episode. CJ goes with 2.75 stars and the film’s box office performance depends on how youth will receive it.


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