Officer Review

Officer Review
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Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: RGV, Sudheer Chandra
Release Date: Fri 01st Jun 2018
Actors: Nagarjuna
Officer Rating: 2 / 5
Officer Punchline: Scary... RGV!

Officer Review, What’s Behind:

Director Ram Gopal Varma who once made path-breaking films is delivering only disasters of late. However exectations were good on Officer since Nagarjuna and RGV re-united after 25 years. Let’s see whether RGV succeeds to come out of the flop streak with Officer.

Officer Story Review:

Shivaji Rao (Nagarjuna), a strict IPS officer from Hyderabad is appointed as SIT officer to investigate a case of fake encounters in Mumbai by merciless officer Narayan Pasari. Shivaji Rao has a daughter who is brave like father. Meanwhile, with his contacts and influence in Mumbai, Narayan Pasari comes out of jail and starts attacking Shivaji Rao. Who is Narayan Pasari? Why is he targeting Shivaji Rao?

Officer Artists, Technicians Review:

Movie buffs believed Ram Gopal Varma for ages because he once made trend-setting films like Shiva, Kshana Kshanam, Gayam etc. Of course, he disappointed us numerous times too. This time Officer has Nag, the star playing tough cop on a mysterious mission.

Onto writing, Officer hardly has any impact creating dialogues. Neither the story is unique nor is the screenplay intriguing. People having forgotten Mumbai and mafia, connecting mafia with police is something new. But, the idea is spoiled by RGV with his feeble execution. He makes sure that Officer is his new low.

It’s better not to talk about cinematography and music departments. Both Bharat Vyas and Ravi Shankar failed in their respective departments. Steady cam is though not new, worth accepted. Editing work is also pathetic. Production values of Company Production are low in standard.

About performances, Nagarjuna looked good as a tough cop. He appeared fit and handsome wearing half sleeves T shirts and jeans. Myra Sareen oozed glamour here and there but surely a dud on screen. The actor who played the role of corrupt police officer Narayan Pasari is ok. Baby Kaavya, Nagarjuna’s daughter in the film is cute and has played role which isn't required. Other artists didn’t make any impact.

Officer Review Advantages:

Few Parts In First Half


Officer Review Drawbacks:

Slow-Paced Narration




Everything Else

Officer Review Rating Analysis:

Officer is a film about violent society we live in and one man’s struggle to bring an impression of wisdom in the lives of common citizens. The violence in the film is raw and is gratuitous. It will make the audience sit uncomfortable, alongside sluggish narration.

Officer starts on a decent note, as RGV has shown Mumbai police and mafia setup convincingly. When we start believing the film to be different and interesting one from RGV’s previous films, the real torture starts once actual story begins. The corrupt police officer rejoining his duty and making Nagarjuna a part in his team are unexciting. Father and daughter emotions, few investigation sequences test our patience..

In second half, you will hardly remember any sequences due to slow paced narration and excess, lengthy violence. The sequences of Narayan Pasari and gang attacking Nagarjuna are tedious. The scenes involving Narayan Pasari and Sayaji Shinde too fails to make any impact. It just feels like watching incessant action episodes. Climax too joins the list of biggest drawbacks.

All in all, RGV disappoints yet again with Officer which is another atrocious and time testing film. There’s no excitement and amazement but there’s only boredom. Better to skip this film, even though if you are a hardcore fan of Nagarjuna or Ram Gopal Varma. CJ goes with 2 star rating.

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