Odela Railway Station Review

Odela Railway Station Review
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Director: Ashok Teja
Producer: KK Radhamohan
Release Date: Fri 26th Aug 2022
Actors: Hebah Patel
Odela Railway Station Rating: 1 / 5
Odela Railway Station Punchline: Torture Station

What's Behind

Hebah Patel who shot to fame with Kumari 21F later faded into oblivion. She is now testing her luck with Odela Railway Station directed by Ashok Teja. The film stars Sai Ronak in the lead and is streaming directly on OTT. Let us find out what Odela Railway Station got in store for the viewers.

Story Review

The story is all about the mysterious happenings in the Odela Railway Station. Anudeep (Sai Ronak), a topper in Civils, chooses IPS instead of IAS and as a part of training goes to Odela village. But he gets a huge shock one day in the police station from a girl named Radha (Heba Patel), What shock does Anudeep get from Radha, how his girlfriend Spoorthi (Poojitha Ponnada), Radha's wife Tirupathi (Vasishta N Sinha) form the crux of Odela Railway Station story.

Artists, Technicians Review

The story revolves around a psycho killer and viewers are treated to some gripping thrillers on screen. With Sampath Nandi providing the story expectations soared. However, the viewers get shocked as Sampath Nandi came up with a pathetic story of a psycho killer. With the story itself turning out to be extremely weak, director Ashok Teja's job became extremely difficult. To make matters worse even he failed with his screenplay and direction. None of the scenes neither excites nor enthralls. The narration turns predictable and it presents unending torture. Everything looks silly and the climax lacks the thrill factor. Performances also failed in a big way. The roles and characters are not created in a perfect manner by the writers and the director.

Vasishta N Simha got a limited role. He is not seen except in the climax. Even there he goes over the top with his dialogues and expressions. One is not sure why the makers cast Hebah Patel in the film. She might have accepted under the impression that doing a deglamor role would get her recognition but she did not get any chance to show her acting talent. Sai Ronak is ok while Poojitha Ponnada also appeared only in the climax. Other actors did not get much chance to show their talent.

Anup Rubens scored the background music. But it failed to elevate the scenes. There is nothing much to talk about the music.  Soundar Rajan S too failed to come up with interesting camera angles in his cinematography. Editing of Thammiraju also fell below average. Director failed to get the optimum out of his cast and crew. Production values are average.


Few hilarious scenes


Lack of real twists and turns




Rating Analysis

Hebah Patel's presence, Sampath Nandi's association with Odela Railway Station based on real-life incidents and directed by Ashok Teja generated interest. But the film turned out to be cheap and crap and the shocking fact is this came from the pen of Sampath Nandi. Even an amateur would have come with a better output. Taking into account all these points, Cinejosh goes with a 1 rating for Odela Railway Station.

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