Nirmala Convent Review

Nirmala Convent Review
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Nirmala Convent Review, What’s Behind: King Nagarjuna passing though brightest phase of career is the ultimate backing for this flick introducing Srikanth’s son Roshan as hero. Names of Nimmagadda Prasad, Shriya Sharma, Koti’s son Roshan Saluri taking an entry as music director made the project look massive on scale. Let us see, how beautiful this convent is?

Nirmala Convent Story: In the backdrop of Bhupathi Palem village near S. Kota, there is Nirmala Convent located in a nice picturesque mountainous location. Sincere, top ranking student Samuel (Roshan), hailing from a poor Christian family and Shanthi (Shriya Sharma), belonging to Royal family studying in the same convent fall in love. However, social and economical disparities between two families become a divide for their marriage. Accepting the challenge from Shanthi’s father (Aditya Menon) to earn name, fame and become a millionaire, a genius Samuel travels all the way to Hyderabad to meet Nagarjuna. He convinces MAA TV management to participate in ‘Champion of the Champions’ game show and wins Rs. 2 Crores. Rest is the climax.

Nirmala Convent Artists and Technicians: More or less, ‘Nirmala Convent’ drew huge inspiration from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ but it’s left to our deplorable thinking standards, the real essence was understood wrongly. The basic concept of two teenagers at school falling in love is sensible. Apparently, it’s the stale treatment with old modeled narration made the entire framework insensible. Screenplay is sick and distasteful. Debutant director Naga Koteshwara Rao is a total mess up with inexperience and feeble approach. Despite there was a good scope to excel in many areas, he lost a golden chance of exploiting on Nagarjuna. Music from debutant Roshan Saluri was superb for ‘Kotha Kotha Basha’ song and RR is pretty mediocre. Dialogues were never effective at any part of the film. Vishweshwar cranked the camera wonderfully clasping the visual beauty in Nainithal. Editing department failed mercilessly. Production standards from Nagarjuna, Nimmagadda Prasad are top notch.

On to performances, Roshan is good at looks. Though hasn’t got too much to excel on emotions, this can be called a fair debut. He needs to work more on dialogue modulation, flexible body language, dances and other areas. Of course, the tenderness in his appearance makes him instant connect with audience. Shriya Sharma is actually the show stealer. She dominated Roshan. The little girl’s seniority at acting was visible. However, Shriya Sharma asserting to skin show for glamour addition was painful at eyes. Nagarjuna had major screen time in second half. For the first time in recent times, he got a wrong selection. He was over reacting and louder hosting the game show. He rehashed MEK body language. Aditya Menon disappointed while Sameer, Sathya Krishnan, Surya, LB Sriram Thagubotu Ramesh, Roshan Kanakala were decent. Anitha Chowdary’s make up as hero’s mother is just unbearable. Rest may not need a mention.

Nirmala Convent Advantages:

Fresh Casting

Decent Visuals

Kotha Kotha Basha Song

Nirmala Convent Drawbacks:


Routine Story

Boring Narration


Crippled Script

Nirmala Convent Rating Analysis: What actually compelled Nagarjuna and Nimmagadda to invest on this project is the first question which needs an answer. At the same time, Srikanth and Ooha definitely picked a wrong one. A love story mandatorily needs to be heart touching and viewers has to flow smoothly with love birds. Having got a gentle point on hand to deal, Naga Koteshwara Rao made zero impact wasting the time and effort. Neither drama nor romance and not even presence of Nagarjuna never stimulated the audience to feel good about. 

First half gets off on a strong note discussing social differences between rich, poor and upper caste, lower caste. Later on, the core point established here goes to a six. All the episodes leading to development of romance between Samuel, Shanti are half baked. The brilliant general knowledge characteristic shade in Samuel never got registered. Budding of love between two school going children and their discussion about kisses is indeed an offence on the part of producer and director. Towards interval, story becomes further troublesome when father of a minor hero goes all the way to Royal palace for a matrimonial alliance. How shame and how illogical is this? 

When I thought of second half to get better with Nagarjuna’s entry, he further lowered the standards. With so many illogical loopholes and inconvenient episodes rolling one after other, they moved on to game show. When we have watched enough of MEK on MAA TV, why do we need the same on big screen? In fact, those ten questions which make our minor hero millionaire are hopeless. Nevertheless, answers for couple of questions are Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna. That’s embarrassment at peak and one can walk towards exit door with disappointment.

Commercially, Nirmala Convent will be a loss maker for sure to buyers. Right from first show, you can see shoulder drops at theaters. It’s big no for families because don’t be cheated watching Nagarjuna on posters, there’s lot of grown up content. All in all, CJ finds Nirmala Convent fit to get 2 stars and a complete let down.

Nirmala Convent Cinejosh Verdict: Teachers and Students; Everyone Failed.

                                                   Nirmala Convent Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                                Reviewed by Srivaas

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