NGK Review

NGK Review
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Director: Sri Raghava
Producer: SR Prakashbabu, SR Prabhu
Release Date: Fri 31st May 2019
Actors: Suriya
NGK Rating: 2.0 / 5
NGK Punchline: Weak Political Drama

NGK Review, What’s Behind:

It’s been long since Suriya scored hit in Tamil and Telugu. Director Sri Raghava, heroines Sai Pallavi and Rakul Preet Singh too are out of form. Will NGK provide all of them a much needed break, let’s see…

NGK Story Review:

A well-educated social activist Nandha Gopala Krishna aka NGK (Suriya) decides to enter politics when he observes that nothing except political power can bring a positive change in the society, especially in his town Shrungavarapukota. He faces all odds to bag recognition in the party. But, things run from bad to worse when he becomes popular. Will NBK ever achieve his aim?

NGK Artists, Technicians Review:

Political dramas are tough to handle. Even top directors botched to score commercial hits with films in this genre. Selva Raghava ak Sri Raghava is undoubtedly one of the highly acclaimed filmmakers in South India. But, he lost all the sheen in recent times. Interestingly, Raghava took another bold decision to make a political drama film NGK. The film is neither intriguing nor engaging. Major problem with NGK is the plot and lethargic screenplay. We hardly get a chance to see goose bump moments owing to flat and unexciting narration. 

Furthermore, characterization of all lead artists is perplexed. Each character behaves abnormal at times, only Raghava knows the reason behind. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s work on background score is commendable but no single song is hummable. Cinematography is top standard, wherein editing is substandard. Production values are first class.

Onto artists, Suriya is one of the finest artists who get into the skin of any given character. Likewise, he lived in the character of NGK as well. But, NGK is not surely the film of his caliber. Sai Pallavi as Suriya’s wife tried to show different variations but end up confusing audience. Rakul Preet Singh looked pale, both looks and performance wise. Devraj and other artists didn’t get much to perform.

NGK Review Advantages:



NGK Review Drawbacks:




Perplexed Characterizations


Tamil Flavor

NGK Review, Rating Analysis:

Political dramas often look engrossing when conflict, characterizations and script centered narrative go hand in hand. Off late, many political backdrop films including that of much awaited biopics went wrong on execution due to missing of the above said basic ingredients. Same is the case with NGK wherein director Selva Raghavan aka Sri Raghava lost all his intelligence and Midas touch. Despite there is a superb performer like Suriya at disposal, vague approach sailed on a pointless storytelling did all the damage. 

Right from the first frame, Sri Raghava’s confusing thought process and inconspicuous character design showed zero coherence. Suriya though excelled himself as an artist bending his back for this spineless screenplay he couldn’t do much after certain time. Suriya aka Nanda Gopala Krishna’s decision to step into politics has no firm ground and reasoning behind his family member’s reluctance went disconnected. Later, Suriya’s hardships working for party MLA is silly stuff. In fact, all these episodes spoiled the interest. Suriya too created confusion with his over-the-top character behavior. Slowly and steadily, Suriya falls into the eye of high command and the lady behind PR team (Rakul) which is again unwisely shot. Scenes leading to interval are also unconvincingly chaotic.

Second half is all again about Suriya’s growth in politics, relation with Rakul and problems back at home with wife (Sai Pallavi). Everywhere Sri Raghava kept his content unfinished left with a question mark. Restless audience wait for a proper conclusion and here arrive the abrupt pre climax filled with blood and a long sermon from Suriya. Then Sri Raghava hints off a possible NGK Part 2 because NBK becomes CM forming a coalition government.

In total, NGK is a weak film from most expected combination of Suriya and Sri Raghava. Lack of central soul, missing nativity, uncertain characters, incoherent screenplay and imprecise direction made NGK a tedious watch. CJ goes with 2 stars rating and it’s better for Suriya to erase NGK memories quickly.


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