Nenu Rowdy Ne Review

Nenu Rowdy Ne Review
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Nenu Rowdy Ne Review, What’s Behind: Heroine Nayanathara recently enjoyed the success of ‘Maaya’ in Telugu, Tamil while Vijay Sethupathi isn’t a market pulling face in AP, TS. In fact, Tamil version of this film having got a super hit verdict in last year end, here comes the dubbed Telugu version amidst very low hype. Let us see, how far Nenu Rowdy Ne surprised us in the following review.

Nenu Rowdy Ne Story: Pandu (Vijay Sethupathi) is the only son of Police Officer (Radhika) in Yanam town. While Pandu aspires to become a Rowdee, her mother wants to see him as cop. On the other side, local goon Killi Babji (Parthiban) kills Kadambari (Nayanathara)’s mother in a bomb blast and Kadambari becomes hearing impaired with the blast. Then, it’s romantic track between Pandu and Kadambari. Hearing the flashback of Kadambari, here Pandu takes the mission to eliminate Killi Babji and how it happens is rest.

Nenu Rowdy Ne Artists and Technicians: Reading the story, it gives an assumption of a serious revenge drama mixed with high voltage action. You are absolutely wrong. Director Vignesh Shivan displays every emotion in a lighter vein making the whole fare as fresh as a cool breeze. It’s a pleasant mix of humor, emotions, romance that can keep you hooked to screen. However, it’s the class treatment, quirky and at times dark comedy which may not connect with all the sections of audience. Screenplay is predictable yet the treatment and novelty in narration using the technical aspects at best created a different mood. Cinematography from George C Williams is delightful and so is Sreekar Prasad’s sharp editing imbibed a soul. Anirudh’s musical score is also admirable both in songs and BGM. Kalpana Chithra production values are also superb.

On to artists, Vijay Sethupathi remarkably lives into the character. His admiration for heroine in love track and the way he handles second half are simply funny and also offer a feel of warmth. Nayanathara is just brilliant and no more words. As hearing impaired, her body language is flawless. Nevertheless, Nayan’s toned down alluring physique and skin complexion is heart pinching. She plays with wide range of emotions and leaves a mark every time. Parthiban as unconventional villain is quite hilarious. Radhika Sarath Kumar, Anandaraj and hero’s friends’ batch showed their wonderful presence.

Nenu Rowdy Ne Rating Analysis: For regular commercial elements quenching audience, NRN may not gel well. For those who welcome something unusually original, the film can offer you a better treat. Every scene is treated and presented with unconventionality. Apparently, there are certain drawbacks in screenplay which opens the main conflict just during interval block. So, second half keeps on going up and down with lost focus. Above all, dark comedies work only with meager section of patrons, which one has to accept.

The way first half takes off introducing Vijay’s childhood with ambition of becoming a Rowdee and merger of this track into Nayanathara’s flashback or connecting these total sequences into a revenge plot involving Parthiban is clever and wonderful. With that intimate lip lock mood created just at interval, second half is kept wide and open to work on sketching plans for trapping Parthiban. Here the film falls down only to get revival from funny kidnap adventure. As it moves towards climax, everything becomes quite foreseeable and climax is an overdose of Tamil touch. 

In totality, NRN isn’t a very good film or not a very bad film. Every scene looks doltish and also the same time treated wittily. Regardless of the Tamil flavor and missing Telugu nativity, Nayanathara’s look, performance or Vijay’s ease in carrying the characterization along with clean, neat technical standards makes NRN to fetch 2.5 stars rating. Little more into planned promotions could have taken film’s commercial result to next level.

Nenu Rowdy Ne Cinejosh Verdict: Refreshingly Lighter Vein Comedy!

                                                       Nenu Rowdy Ne Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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