Neno Rakam Review

Neno Rakam Review
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Director: Sudarshan Salendra
Producer: Depa Srikanth
Release Date: Fri 17th Mar 2017
Actors: Sai Ram Shankar
Neno Rakam Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Neno Rakam - Bland First Half Decent Second Half

Neno Rakam Review, What’s Behind: Sai Ram Shankar, more known as Puri Jagannath’s younger brother is trying very hard to improve the credentials has come this time with ‘Neno Rakam’ in debutant Sudarshan Salendra direction with Reshmi Menon as heroine. Let us see, what is this Rakam all about?

Neno Rakam Story: Gautham (Sai Ram Shankar) is a loan recovery agent falls in love at first sight with Swetcha (Reshmi Menon), running a plant nursery. After a series of trials exactly when Swetcha and Gautham happen to express their love for each other, Swetcha is kidnapped by anonymous person (Sharath Kumar). Very soon, kidnapper allots a set of criminal tasks before Gautham to get back his love alive. Who is this kidnapper? What is his flashback? Has Gautham saved Swetcha?

Neno Rakam Artists and Technicians: Basic storyline of the film is divided into two parts. One is a regular romantic track with fun, music and love while the other is serious kidnap drama and action thereof. Writer-director Sudarshan Salendra picked an atypical concept blending two different tracks. Although begins movie on a thrilling note, very soon when hero begins to narrate the flashback from romantic track, narration begins to slowly lose its hold only to get back on track for interval block. Sudarshan was clearly at his best handling the thrills and action blocks but fumbled on remaining aspects. Writing part is decent enough to keep the characters on move. Siddharth Ramaswamy’s camera work was smart and perceptive filling the screen with bright visuals. Karthika Srinivas editing was very ordinary and could have shortened the runtime. Mahith Narayan’s music is average on songs and BGM, it’s a good job. Production standards from Depa Srikanth are rich with respect to Sai Ram Shankar’s commercial viability.

Onto artists, Sai Ram Shankar showed some ease in action and thrilling episodes. His imitation of Raviteja mannerisms was not up to the mark. Sarath Kumar is the show stealer. With a deep rooted voice baritone, he shouldered the second half and lifted the overall output single handedly. Reshmi Menon seems to be a weak choice. Viva Harsha’s spoof and remaining funny portions with Late MS Narayana are just ok. Rest of the artists like 30 Years Prudhvi, Kasi Vishwanath, Supreet and others may not need much to mention.

Neno Rakam Advantages:

Sarath Kumar

Second Half

Camera Work

Neno Rakam Disadvantages:

First Half

Romantic Track




Neno Rakam Rating Analysis: On any given terms, ‘Neno Rakam’ is a better story and script choice from Sai Ram Shankar. Despite having a strong central point, director wasted too much of lengthy precious time on poorly etched love track which spoilt the flavor. Instead if Sarath Kumar is joined into the story minutes before interval block, his screen presence could have saved lot of time. On any given day, Sarath Kumar is a show stealer relative to Sai Ram Shankar. 

When the core emotion and painful father-daughter plot belongs to Sarath Kumar, one does not know why makers projected ‘Neno Rakam’ more as Sai Ram’s flick.

Introducing Sai Ram Shankar on a run sweating under mid sun in centre of city created an enthusiasm. Once the flashback kicks off with Reshmi Menon and her friend falling into the eyes of Sai Ram and his friend, excitement gradually fades off. In what can be called as a destitute attempt to ripe some humor on Viva Harshan and MS Narayana backfired. In between, the classes from heroine did not gel well. Lacking in a quality kernel, movie slowly moves to interval block with an awaited twist kidnapping the heroine and entry of Sarath Kumar.

Second half, the actual action begins. Scenes between Sai and Sarath Kumar are dealt well. Couple of fight scenes and chases carried the acceleration. Once Sarath Kumar recaps his back story, a needful emotional depth is added. Sarath Kumar, Supreet, Sai Ram Shankar walk swiftly towards climax. 

All in all, ‘Neno Rakam’ stands fine for its hefty second half. The definite action, thrills behind kidnap and a sentimental flashback makes it worth a watch. CJ goes for 2.5 stars waiting for commercial verdict to speak more.

Neno Rakam Cinejosh Verdict: Bland First Half – Decent Second Half

                                                  Neno Rakam Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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