Nene Vasthunna Review

Nene Vasthunna Review
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Director: Selvaraghavan
Producer: Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Release Date: Thu 29th Sep 2022
Actors: Dhanush
Nene Vasthunna Rating: 1.5 / 5
Nene Vasthunna Punchline: Predictable Psycho Drama

What's Behind

Dhanush is known for his realistic and breathtaking performances. Movie lovers couldn't forget his award-winning performance in Asuran. He is teaming with his brother Selvaraghavan for Nene Vasthunna which is releasing in Telugu as Nene Nene Vasthunna. Nene Vastunna OTT rights have been bagged by Amazon Prime. Expectations are high as Dhanush is playing the protagonist and antagonist roles. Dhanush and Selvaraghavan are known for thought-provoking films like Thulluvadho Ilamai', 'Kadhal Kondein', '7G Rainbow Colony, 'Pudhupettai' and 'Mayakkam Enna'. Let us find out what mark they left on viewers with Nene Vastunna.

Story Review

Nene Vasthunna's story is about twins Kathir and Prabhu and the happenings in their lives. Prabhu (Dhanush), a private employee lives happily with his daughter Satya and wife Bhuvana(Indhuja Ravichandran) in Chennai. They go on a vacation to popular hill station Chopta, Uttarakhand but after their return, there will be a drastic change in Satya's behavior. Satya starts behaving weirdly and Prabhu consults a psychiatrist (Prabhu). With no result, he roped in a young ghost hunting team. In the process, he comes to know about the shocking incidents. To find out more about it and how they are connected to Kathir (Dhanush) and his family comprised of Sonu, Monu, and his dumb wife, watch Nene Vastunna on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Dhanush is the livewire in the film. He showed variations in the dual role. He played the role of a caring and mature father and showed his emotions towards his daughter. In the other role, he looked handsome and stylish and at the same time showed menacing expressions as the character demanded. The entire film is the one-man show of Dhanush.

Indhuja Ravichandran played the typical role of Dhanush's wife and a worried mother. She got limited screen presence. Elly Avram got the important role but she got no dialogue as she played the role of a dumb girl. Yogi Babu is hilarious in just a couple of scenes as the film is a serious drama. Prabhu did his role accordingly. The girl who played the role of Dhanush's daughter did well.  Selvaraghavan and others played according to their roles.

Nene Vasthunna's story selected by Selvaraghavan is inspired by various horror and psychological thrillers. He included sentiment and emotional scenes and tried to narrate them in his own style. Though everything is predictable, Selvaraghavan manages to keep viewers interested with gripping narration and exciting screenplay and direction for most of the first half. He highlighted the father and daughter's sentiments in a beautiful and effective manner. This sets the stage for the second half after the decent end to the first half.

But from then on the problems start and Selvaraghavan's narration gets loaded with routine and monotonous elements. The flashback episode drags on and nothing excites the viewers. Once the real twist is revealed at the start of the first half, the story drags on to the climax and viewers heave a sigh of relief with disappointment writ on their faces. Selvaraghagan failed to sustain the interest he maintained in the first half failing to maintain the tempo in the second half.

Background music and the tunes of Yuvan Shankar Raja are decent and are in sync with the storyline. The cinematography of Om Prakash captured the scenic locations of the hill station. Bhuvan Srinivasan's editing is ok but could have been better in the second half. Production values are good.


  • Dhanush
  • First half
  • Few twists


  • Story,Screenplay,Direction
  • Editing
  • Lack of thrills

Rating Analysis

Dhanush and Selvaraghavan tried to thrill viewers with Nene Vasthunna. The prospect of Dhanush's dual role increased expectations. Selvaraghavan started the narration in an interesting manner, though predictable, and ends the first half on a decent note. However, all the hopes of the second halt taking off to another level with unexpected twists, came a cropper. Despite Dhanush's spirited performance. lack of real emotions and elevation scenes, powerful villain and meek narration with a weak story and routine screenplay and direction, played the spoilsport. Haunted by soul the film Nene Vastunna lacked soul. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 1.5 rating for Nene Vasthunna.

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