Neevevaro Review

Neevevaro Review
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Director: Harinath
Producer: MVV Satyanarayana, Kona Venkat
Release Date: Fri 24th Aug 2018
Actors: Aadhi Pinisetty
Neevevaro Rating: 2.25 / 5
Neevevaro Punchline: Neevevaro Punchline: Weak Thriller

Neevevaro Review, What’s Behind:

Aadhi Pinisetty is riding high with consecutive hits. This time he came up with a solo hero flick after a good gap. Neevevaro from the makers of Ninnu Kori also marks Taapsee Pannu’s re-entry into Telugu cinema. Will this movie offer a thrilling experience like what's promised in promotional stuff? How far Rangasthalam's fame will help Kumar Babu for Neevevaro? Let’s discuss in review part…

Neevevaro Story Review:

An award winning blind chef Kalyan runs his own Italian Restaurant. Family friend Anu (Ritika Singh) adore him a lot but never expresses her love. Meanwhile, Vennela (Taapsee Pannu) enters into Kalyan’s life and Kalyan starts enjoying life much more. On Valentines Day, Kalyan proposes his love. But, Vennela reveals on a big threat behind her from call money gang. On the same night, Kalyan meets with an accident to undergo surgery and his eyes operated to gain back his vision but to misfortune, Vennela goes missing. Problem becomes complex because  Kalyan don’t even know her face. Will Kalyan ever find Vennela? Who’s behind her missing? What’s the mystery motive behind this sudden disappearance?

Neevevaro Artists, Technicians Review:

Neevevaro is promoted well as it comes from the makers of Nani and Aadhi starrer super hit Ninnu Kori. Furthermore, the film’s teaser and trailer increased curiosity. Kona Venkat backed the project besides penning dialogues. So, naturally we expect fun and thrill. But, there is no such here, thanks to flat story-telling. In fact, the storyline penned by Harinath sounds exciting on lending an ear. An engaging screenplay could have done wonders. Poor writing amd insipid direction resulted in a negative impact. Neither the film has got Kona mark amusement nor does it have unpredictable twists like that of hit thrillers. Harinath had to take entire blame for spoiling the flavour.

Cinematographer Sai Sriram has done a commendable job. Songs are passable, and the background score is functional. Pradeep E Raghav's edit is precise with respect to cuts yet length is still a matter as second half is a tad bit long, dragged. Production values of MVV Cinema and Kona Venkat Film Corporation are neat.

Onto artists, Aadhi played a challenging role as blind and he nailed it with his good performance. Couple of well composed action episodes are sure to please masses. Valuable suggestion is, Aadhi should know his forte before attempting this kind of scripts. Show stealer is definitely Taapsee Pannu who has played an interesting character full of energy and she is just bang on. Ritika Singh is given very low importance.  Adarsh Balakrishna and Ravi Prakash are good in their roles. Shivaji Raja and Tulasi played their parts efficiently. Vennela Kishore’s track will not amuse you while Sapthagiri is regular. Other artists are just okay.

Neevevaro Review Advantages:




Neevevaro Review Drawbacks:


Predictable Narration

Second Half

Lack Of Entertainment 

Neevevaro Review Rating Analysis:

Thriller movies work if and only if they are narrated engagingly from start till end beyond our common predictions. Kona Venkat initiated the trend blending comedy touch to horror, thrillers. His previous film Geethanjali paid well because of entertainment quotient. When it comes to Neevevaro, the film lacked in spreading the same comfort. Despite brand Kona and Aadhi in front, Neevevaro couldn't capitalize on.

Movie begins on bang with accident scene, although none of the victims are shown here so as to keep things connected under wraps until actual mystery unfolds. Introduction scene of Aadhi as a blind chef is fresh. Though he is visionless, he has got extra powers to identify persons with aroma and actions. This part is good. An action sequence with robbers is well choreographed. Movie turns interesting ever since Taapsee makes entry. Romantic track is really magical. Accident scene, followed by Taapsee’s abduction will make the narrative one notch high. Sorry to say, director botched to continue the same suspense factor and has unnecessarily included useless, unwanted things. Interval twist is exciting and makes audience to wait eager for second half.

Latter half starts on a dull note with Aadhi making efforts to trace Taapsee. Here Vennela Kishore is an additional burden and process becomes tedious. Investigation only tests our patience. Neither was it intelligent nor sensible. Proceedings turn elementary and predictable, audience lack the thrill when final twist in the tale is unveiled. Sapthagiri’s track is also obsolete. However, the culprit’s fake story about past in pre-climax is again absorbing. Movie finally ends on happy note as formula.

All in all, Neevevaro is a predictable thriller with no big twists, turns. Though the line story is unique, bad screenplay and weak direction played spoilsport. Taapsee is indeed the only saving grace as Neevevaro disappoints big time. CJ goes for 2.25 rating and box office chances are microscopic.


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