Needa Movie Review

Needa Movie Review
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Director: Appu N .Bhattathiri
Producer: Aha
Release Date: Fri 23rd Jul 2021
Actors: Nayanathara
Needa Movie Rating: 2.5/ / 5
Needa Movie Punchline: Needa interests in its thrills but fails to reach

What's Behind

Aha OTT is attracting the interest of movie lovers by dubbing hit films from various languages into Telugu. In the process, the Malayalee film Nizhal is dubbed as Needa. The film starring Nayanathara is streaming on Aha from today. The film's first look, teaser, and trailer increased curiosity among movie lovers. Let us see what Needa offers to viewers.

Story Review

John Bobby (Kunchacko Boban), a District Magistrate starts experiencing weird things following an accident. Due to the trauma following the accident, he undergoes treatment meeting a psychiatrist taking offs from his duty.

During his conversation with his close friend, psychiatrist Shalini (Divya Prabha), Shalini speaks about one case which increases his curiosity. Bobby shows interest in meeting a little schoolboy Nitin (Izin Hush) after reading his horror story which scares not only the entire school but also him. Bobby with the help of Shalini with much persuasion manages to convince Sharmila (Nayanathara), a single mother of Nitin, who reluctantly agrees to meet her son.

Bobby after interaction with the little boy Nitin much to his shock finds out that the horror stories are not fantasy but are in turn real-life happenings. Bobby along with Sharmila decides to investigate and unravel some shocking truths. To find out more about it, watch Needa on Aha OTT.

Artists, Technicians Review

Appu N . Bhattathiri was attracted with his story, screenplay, and direction. The story is interesting and increases curiosity and the screenplay is perfect. The direction is good. Appu who is making his debut with this film tried his best to make a strong impact with his narration. However, despite all the thrills, he failed to make that stunning impact. He left many loopholes and did not answer many logics.

Kunchacko Boban performed well as a District Magistrate who experiences post-traumatic stress following the accident. He acted in a natural and realistic manner. Nayanatara showed her acting talent as a single mother who is keen to protect her son from external pressures due to his horror story. Izin Hash did well as a schoolboy who goes into the shell before opening out with the friendly Boban due to his look as he wears a mask. Divya Prabhas is good as a psychiatrist showing her friendly nature. Lal played the important role in the film which reveals the main twist in the story.

Deepak D Menon attracts with his cinematography. He elevated the scenes with his camera angles generating interest. Suraj's background music created the required impact. Appu N . Bhattathiri along with Lal could have turned the film more crispy. The slow pace of the film tests the patience of the viewers. Production values are good.


Nayanatara, Boban

Story, Screenplay

Interesting first half




Slow Pace


Few scenes in the second half

Missing logics

Rushed climax

Rating Analysis

Appu N . Bhattathiri on debut came with an interesting story. He roped in talented actress Nayanatara but however, he failed to showcase her acting prowess. Nayanatara did not show any kind of fear though her son is coming out with horror stories. The weak script by Sanjeev affected the final output completely. The narration is slow and the director did not reveal why Boban has a short temper and why he suffers weird experiences and what is his connection to that of a small child coming with horror stories and why he showed so much interest in helping Nayanatara. Cinematography is good in creating an impact and increasing suspense but with most of the characters remaining motionless, the angles became repetitive. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.5 rating to Needa.


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