Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Review

Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Review
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Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule, What’s Behind: Director Selva Raghavan’s boldness and raw treatment of purest romance stirred our hearts in 7/G Brindavan Colony. Here comes a similar flick with a different backdrop directed by his wife Geethanjali while Kola Bala Krishna and Wamika Gabba are in main leads. Let’s see, how great is this film?

Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Story: Plot begins with Manoja (Wamika Gabbi) leading a disturbed marital life narrates her flashback. When Manoja’s ex-boyfriend Tarun (Sharran Kumar) rejects the marriage proposal and asks for a date to have sex, Manoja decides to go by the selection of her parents to find a groom. Here is protagonist Prabhu (Kola Bala Krishna), a simple guy having plenty dreams to share with wife comes as Manoja’s husband. As time passes on, Manoja never allows Prabhu to share the bed which finally leads to Prabhu raping Manoja on their second wedding anniversary. A clearly upset Manoja applies for divorce and gets it. However, her sweet memories with Prabhu still haunt on. Meanwhile, Tarun is back in Manoja’s life. Whom did Manoja select finally… whether it’s Prabhu or Tarun?

Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Artists and Technicians: Exactly like ‘7/G Brindavan Colony,’ writer Selva Raghavan is an idiosyncratic love story. The film revolves around pain, distress of two main characters having uncanny resemblances with 7/G. Difference is simple, Selva directed the old one on teenage love while his wife Geethnjali directed the new one on marital love. However, entertainment quotient varied highly. ‘Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule’ runs at a sluggish pace with a meek screenplay and unconventional treatment. Selva is known for boldness and Geethanjali made it far bolder in execution with maturity. Although her direction went overboard with known Telugu sensibilities yet one need enough guts to give a try. Dialogues tried to ooze in Telugu flavor yet it’s the Tamil nativity resounds in every frame. Cinematography from Sreedhar provided an overall unique texture to keep us glued while Rukesh’s editing needed far more anxiety into story telling process. Amruth’s music isn’t so good for songs while RR left an overall impact. Production standards from Beeptone Studios are surely compromised.

About performances Kola Bala Krishna’s character is content and writer driven. With a big frame wide glasses, feral beard and drop down shoulders, Kola Bala Krishna looked more like off screen Selva watched on screen. His struggle to find a lady love and then getting struck in complex situations is presented well. Wamika Gabbi is an expressive beauty anchored the film at one end. Rest of the casting may not need anything to mention about. 

Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Rating Analysis: ‘Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule’ stays in soul with its first line ‘some love stories are difficult to explain.’ In other words, Selva’s creativity is hard to understand and explain. He picks peculiar themes, pens them into offbeat insecure characterizations easy and hard to find in real life. For those who connect with protagonist, every moment of his behavior makes it a self identification. For others, everything looks a wide bounder. Instead of following an entertainment path to drive the concept, Selva and Geethanjali adopted an overtly dramatic approach in narrative. Such overdose is a backbreaker for Telugu viewers to gel with.

The tale of love between two contra distinctive characters loaded by realism and contemporary thoughts can be hard hitting. Selva’s deep emotions aren’t really screen presented with same intensity by Geethanjali. After a decent take off and smooth sailing into an uncomplicated plot, characters go over top. The rape scene during interval block is sure to keep the viewers unsettled. Into second half, execution is dry. Screenplay strays up and down inconsistently pushing towards a lengthy climax. Realization in Wamika or Bala Krishna ripping himself with knife to coddle his wife is surely over dramatic. 

All in all, ‘Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule’ is crude, strange and flagrant with Selva’s trademark treatment visible in patches. If you really love Selva kind of love stories, then give a try else just stay far away. Box Office wise, it’s not so hard to predict the result amidst half a dozen films in competition today. Cinejosh rates NVNP with 2 stars.

Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Cinejosh Verdict: Unfamiliar and Hard To Digest 

                                                      Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Cinejosh Rating: 2.0/5.0

                                                                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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