Nannu Dochukunduvate Review

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review
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Director: RS Naidu
Producer: Sudheer Babu
Release Date: Fri 21st Sep 2018
Actors: Sudheer Babu
Nannu Dochukunduvate Rating: 2.75 / 5
Nannu Dochukunduvate Punchline: Romantic Stealer


Nannu Dochukunduvate Review, What’s Behind:

Nannu Dochukunduvate is first film for Sudheer Babu as producer, RS Naidu as a director and Nabha Natesh as heroine. Let’s see whether Sudheer Babu’s faith in the subject will live up to expectations like the surprise hit Sammohanam.

Nannu Dochukunduvate Story Review:

Karthik (Sudheer Babu) is a selfish workaholic and has goals in life. To escape marriage with Maradalu Satya (Varshini) and against his father’s (Nasser) wish, Karthik ropes in Meghana (Nabha Natesh), a short film actress as his love interest Siri. In the process of convincing his father, both Karthik and Meghana aka Siri fall in love. But, Karthik has to choose one among love and goal. 

Nannu Dochukunduvate Artists, Technicians Review:

ND has a simple premise with sensibilities at romance, drama and fine drawn humor. Though situations developed by RS Naidu for narrative to go forward are clichéd and tested, freshness in the pairing of Sudheer Babu, Nabha Natesh has done the trick to major extent. In fact, ND suffers with substantial hollowness in second half where story moves nowhere and dragged consistently. Yes, ND is best suited for a short film material than that of full length feature film. Screenplay is predictable and so is the writing department added a contemporary touch. Suresh Raguthu’s camera work is pleasing with decent color combinations while a bit of sharpness in Chota K Prasad’s editing could have made second half crispy. Ajaneesh Loknath’s musical score is mediocre both on songs and RR. Production standards from Sudheer Babu are at acceptable level for a concept of this standard.

Sudheer Babu’s performance as Karthi is settled and matured. His selfish, work mindedness at office or emotional bonding with dad Nasser or the love track with Nabha, definitely his character had multiple shades to excel. Nabha Natesh is the show stealer. Though she did not amaze right from scene one, the way her characterization is beautifully written, nicely executed with balance made ND a superb debut for this expressive faced girl. Her energetic nature and lively body language as short film actress nurtured good fun. Even on emotional drive, Nabha has got the knack to dominate all the artists in frame. Nasser is regular in an aged father role and Tulasi as Nabha’s mother did well. Prudhvi, Viva Harsha, Sudarshan and other filled the space.

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review Advantages:

Nabha Natesh

Sudheer Babu

First Half

Fun In Parts

Refreshing Romance

Nannu Dochukunduvate Review Drawbacks:

Tiny Plot

Predictable Screenplay 

Clichéd Narrative

Second Half


Nannu Dochukunduvate Review, Rating Analysis:

Like all the love stories pivot on a known point of hero, heroine being inexpressive and moving to a familiar critical context of forcibly accepting to marry the uninterested ones on parent’s choices then leading to a happy climax when all of sudden lead pair turns over expressive. ND’s formula is almost the same. But director Naidu showed distinctiveness in penning Meghana’s character and the newfangled treatment on love track.

First half kick starts establishing Sudheer Babu and his strict, selfish office atmosphere. The complex problem of Sudheer to escape from marrying his Maradalu paves way for savior in short film actress Nabha. Scenes written around Sudheer, Nabha and the short film backdrop generated enough of time pass humor. Story is struck at a place though blossoming of romance between the lead pair kept audience engaged. Nabha’s characterization connects well as the movie progresses forward then Nasser’s thread also becomes prime key. Sudheer Babu’s USA aspirations cut the love track and it’s a plain sail interval block.

Second half begins on sluggish note. Their journey to Vijayawada for attending marriage and episodes on Nabha Fans are just acceptable. At a time when chemistry starts to rebuild, new problems and uninvolving issues drop the pace to unmanageably slow. Sudheer Babu losing US opportunity and the interaction with Nasser further detract. Finally, it’s realization time and Sudheer rushes to Vizag. Using a wedding occasion shooting spot to keep climax on lighter vein closes the film on average note.

Nannu Dochukunduvate is a simple, straight romantic film with refreshing lead pair chemistry blended on narrow emotions and ultrafine humor. Given the extra edge of decent first half and bubbly girl Nabha’s performance, this can be worth a watch once. Budgetary constraints and Sudheer himself being the producer, ND has high chances to become a safe venture and CJ goes with 2.75 stars rating.


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