Nannaku Prematho Review

Nannaku Prematho Review
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Nannaku Prematho Review, What’s Behind: Junior NTR’s stylish get up, Sukumar’s brand value and Devi Sri Prasad’s chartbusting music made this film stand out on top for the Pongal festive occasion. With strong pre release buzz, the movie has massively arrived in theaters with early morning premiere shows. Let us see the remaining features in ‘Nannaku Prematho’ review.

Nannaku Prematho Story: Abhi (Junior NTR), the young entrepreneur in London floats a new startup KMC. Before he gets on to actual work, here comes the message about his father Subramanyam aka Ramesh Chandra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) suffering with Cancer is admitted in hospital in a very serious condition. Here Ramesh Chandra Prasad narrates the flashback on how he is betrayed by business partner Krishna Murthy Kautilya (Jagapathi Babu) and in these last days of life, Ramesh Chandra Prasad wishes to see the downfall of Krishna Murthy. Thus Abhi is on a mission to fulfill his dad’s last wish and sketches the action plan to begin with trapping of Krishna Murthy’s daughter Divyanka (Rakul Preet Singh) in love. Before accomplishing first target, the conflict becomes open as Abhi and Krishna Murthy comes face to face. Later on it’s all mind game full of wits checkmating each other resulting in bankruptcy of Krishna Murthy forms climax.

Nannaku Prematho Artists and Technicians: It is hard to imagine Sukumar without complexity and high intelligence quotient in his story selection, scripting or narration. He showed it before Mahesh Babu with ‘1 Nenokkadine’ and tried to continue the same infront of NTR. Betterment here is Sukku picked a revenge backdrop safely tested number of times on Telugu screen and owned it in his own style adding absolutely a quick witted screenplay. Hero’s astute characterization clearly marks the ability of Sukku to teach new benchmarks in Telugu cinema heroism. Whatever, the cleverly driven main theme goes bedlam as it proceeds from one step to other. Barring the extreme cinematic liberties taken, there were many opportunities left by Sukku to uplift real soul in concept which finally left audience in null emotional connectivity. He also missed a lot in ripening the drama which let us into regular confusion mode. Writing department has done fairly a decent job but without arousing the emotional support. Nevertheless, amalgamating subjects like Scientific Physics, Medical Chemistry and Mathematical Equations into the overall mind game is what we call Suku‘mark.’ Vijay Chakravarthy camera work provided us a visual feast and each frame is a perfect beauty surely to appeal our eyes. Naveen Nooli’s editing could have been far sharper though rushing towards climax was a bit bizarre. Devi Sri Prasad songs and BGM were regarded as assets. Of course, Love Dhebba and Love Me Again songs shot very poorly. Special mention needed for ‘Follow Follow’ song which is a special lesson for apprentice directors by itself. Production standards from BVSN Prasad and SVCC are outright top notch.

On to performances, Junior NTR not only looked different in styling but also delivered the best. Above the regular stereotyped mass characterizations, he got a purposeful role with extreme mental state. His screen presence is just magical and this can be called a complete makeover. Yet again, he is a best dancer and emotional performer. Rakul Preet Singh is glamorous and does the role with ease. Self dubbing, she did manage to some extent. Best portion of the film is romantic track between NTR, Rakul where they showed wonderful chemistry. Jagapathi Babu is graceful with sophisticated styling although his barbarous villainy isn’t established. Rajendra Prasad characterization lacked in spine yet he managed from what is given. Rajeev Kanakala, Avasarala Srinivas as NTR elder brothers were for name sake. Madhu Bala is brief and effective. Sapthagiri, Noel showed the presence. Rest may not need a big mention.

Nannaku Prematho Rating Analysis: For man of Sukumar caliber, Tollywood is an underling market to understand his theories and practice of treating a movie. He appeared like a Tollywood Christopher Nolan treating the romantic track or keeping NTR-JB face to face. But, how many of our audience could digest Butter Fly Effect or Angle of Inclination and so on. Such is his operational style of building a story, screenplay on scientific foundations. In contrast, a Professor Sukumar in first half becomes regular Telugu director by second half and climax becomes predictable as silly bank transfers and oil, gas exploration plant in Spain goes dry with doltish reasoning. Such stupidity isn’t expected from Sukumar.                                               

If the extent of time and brain utilized in raising IQ of movie is half employed for threading crucial emotions, definitely output would have been a masterpiece. Nannaku Prematho is a misnomer when hardly one could sense the heartwarming emotion between father-son. Except one scene in climax and the title song rolls out, where is that Sukumar went all the way? Of course, Madhu Bala-Rakul episode also stood out when we speak on sentimental value in film.

Starting off on a very promising note, entire first half leaves you with continuous astonishment before JB orders for an extended interval card. Into second half, the film falls down in IQ with family values, medical antidote and episodes so-on take film to regular climax.

Commercially, NPT is a stand out experiment from Junior NTR which might pay off in urban centers because lower order center audience might repel with Sukku’s style. All in all, NPT leaves partially up to the craze built around Sukku-NTR combination. Respecting and welcoming the change Sukku tried to inject into Telugu cinema standards with his ability to apply the skill, knowledge into film making, Cinejosh here by rates the film with 2.75 stars.   

Nannaku Prematho Cinejosh Verdict: With Love from Sukku, NTR!

                                                  Nannaku Prematho Cinejosh Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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