Nandini Nursing Home Review

Nandini Nursing Home Review
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Nandini Nursing Home Review, What’s Behind: Senior and versatile actor Naresh’s son Nawin is debuting as hero with this movie directed by fresher PV Giri. What’s good is the movie hasn’t got any earth shaking promotions kept the hype very much under control. Let us see, what happened so enthralling in this Nursing Home?

Nandini Nursing Home Story: Chandrasekhar aka Chandu (Nawin), a Commerce Post Graduate finds a Doctor job in Nandini Nursing Home faking himself as MBBS with help of his compounder friend (Shakalaka Shankar). He starts impressing everyone at Hospital including Managing Doctor (Jayaprakash), his daughter Hospital Administrator Nandini (Nitya Naresh) and senior Doctor (Jayaparakash Reddy). There are several defaming rumors on Nandini Nursing Home being occupied by ghost. Though few abnormal incidents happen now and then but go without much recognition. 

As times goes on, Nandini begins to love Chandu. However, Chandu has a failure love story with Amulya (Shravya) in the past which keeps him at distance from Nandini. Very soon, Chandu unravels a shocking fact from CC Camera footage that Amulya is repeatedly trying to assassinate her father and is the reason behind all untoward incidents in Hospital. What happened to Amulya? Why is Nandini behaving strangely? How Chandu cracks the mystery is rest.

Nandini Nursing Home Artists and Technicians: Primary storyline is though methodical, it’s the new hospital backdrop and orderly written screenplay scored good marks. PV Giri and his team needs to be appreciated for doing all the homework keeping the narration engaged and excited popping one or the other element at regular intervals. PV Giri showed strong hold on comedy. Tracks written on Vennela Kishore, Sapthagiri rolled audience in loud laughter. Whole story telling process confined into one Hospital place kept proceedings suspiciously under control. Onto creative part, writing team played it safe keeping the events tight within five to six characters thus sustaining an interest. Dialogues were well written matching with the context. Dasarathi Shivendra’s camera work is superior for a product of this budget. Karthika Srinivas editing was sharp and effective. Achchu provided a decent musical score with a hooking BGM. Production standards from Radha Kishore and Bikshamayya are surely average.

Onto performances, Nawin cake walked the character with tremendous ease. He never appeared like a newcomer. May it be dialogue delivery with strong base voice, grip on emotional display and dancing abilities, he registered a mark. Looks wise, he should lean up a bit to make himself fit for a Telugu hero mould. Nithya Naresh does good job with an expressive face. Shravya is into a brief character. Vennela Kishore’s role of chain snatcher admitted as coma patient is thoroughly entertaining. Sapthagiri showed ultimate command as a patient running brothel business in hospital room kept audience in wide splits. These two tracks although appear long but passed the time easily. Jayaprakash and Jayaprakash Reddy did their jobs. Shakalaka Shankar well supported the hero. Rest may not need much attention to pay.

Nandini Nursing Home Advantages:

Suspense Element

Neat Screenplay


Vennela Kishore


Shakalaka Shankar


Nandini Nursing Home Drawbacks:


Production Standards


Backdrop Establishment


Over The Top Episodes

Nandini Nursing Home Rating Analysis: Everyone is familiar with hospital backdrop because we would have visited a nursing home at some point of time. Breaking a mysterious jinx in hospital is the basic thrilling element makes Nandini Nursing Home invigorative. Apparently, narrative appears plain and unhelpful at many places but enthusiasm builds very next frame making audience to anticipate on what’s really happening. Such intense narrative is possible only with a zealous screenplay and focused direction. That too, on a relatively new casting team made NNH look refreshing.

Into the first five minutes of beginning, doubtful incidents at Nursing Home are registered. Nawin’s entry as fake doctor with Shakalaka Shankar kept things roll on along with heroine Nithya Naresh, doctors at hospital introduced quickly. However, the buildup given for NNH as one of the reputed hospital in Hyderabad was never in sync with the visual interpretation. Production cost constraints might have to be blamed for this. Nawin and Shravya’s flashback romantic track is tightly written and narrated in two parts interestingly. Two comedy tracks of Vennela Kishore, Sapthagiri are relieving. Death of top doctor with a wrong medication put down the interval curtain on satisfactory note.

Into second half, Nawin and Shankar try to dig more into the mystery. Direction could have been far better in these portions because twists unfold ineffectually. Bringing the flashback love story connected with NNH made pre climax and climax worthwhile. Nawin’s two minute emotional outbreak at climax brought the real artist in him. 

All in all, NNH is a surprise film of this week if you enter into theater with zero expectations. For sure, this is a decent debut for Nawin and entire production team. Comedy and suspense are cross-crossed productively. If promoted well, NNH can have a result oriented run. CJ finds it ideal to rate this experiment with 2.5 stars. 

Nandini Nursing Home Cinejosh Verdict: When Comedy Meets Suspense.

                                                    Nandini Nursing Home Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                                             Reviewed by Srivaas


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