Namo Venkatesha Movie Review.

Namo Venkatesha Movie Review.
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Behind the Movie Namo Venkatesha: The hero of families, Victory Venkatesh made us wait for a long time after ‘Chintakayala Ravi’ (if ‘Eenadu’ considered not a family movie) and Srinu Vaitla is moving like a jet of hits. Hot Trisha as usual has become ready to share the screen besides Venky by dancing to popular tunes of Devisri Prasad. These four names are enough to pull audience to theatres.

In the Movie Namo Venkatesha: Venkataramana (Venkatesh) is a ventriloquist and mimicry artist by profession, who makes his living by participating in stage shows. The only problem for Venkataramana is his marriage as his long wait for his dream girl is still not cherished. Now Venkataramana moves to Europe to perform in Telugu Association cultural programs along with Shake Raja (Ali) and a group of comedians. Tour organizer Paris Prasad (Brahmanandam) has the habit of playing with lives of tourists for fun. Luckily Paris Prasad’s niece Pooja (Trisha) who is in Paris will become the dream girl for Venky and he is now to win her love.

In this process Prasad decides to make fun of Venkataramana by convincing that Pooja is also in love with him, which is of course false. Venkataramana believing this becomes ready to marry her and dreams of life with her. At this moment Pooja is shifted to Rayalaseema where in she is engaged to his factionist Chengal Rayudu (Mukesh Rishi)’s son Bhadrappa (Subba Raju) eyeing the property of Pooja. To bring out Pooja from this factionist family, Prasad and Venkataramana land in Rayalaseema and run the remaining movie. During the climax, Pooja’s real lover Ajay (Akash) will make his appearance as a shock. How did Venkataramana help Pooja to get out from the troubles? Did Pooja marry Venkataramana or Ajay forms the routine climax.

Values of the Movie Namo Venkatesha: Srinu Vaitla’s brand of making comedy within family of Villain and that too in his own house has hit the BO with Dhee and Ready. Using the same formula, he has once again come up with Venkatesh. First half of the story revolves in Europe and second half shifts to Rayalaseema’s factionism in routine. Of all these, the presence of Venkatesh has made the entire movie a joy ride. He once again takes the entire burden on his shoulders, as this role is even more than a cake walk for Venky. It is the repetition of Premante Idera and Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav for Victory Venkatesh. Trisha has nothing much to perform except in songs, but she looked pale with low amounts of energy. Brahmanandam as usual has become the key bone of Srinu Vaitla’s movie. Although his role is full length, but may because of the monotony, I was not able to laugh to the fullest. Mukesh Rishi, Jaya Prakash Reddy and Subba Raju are regular. Dharmavarapu, Ali, Raghu Babu, Shiva Reddy, Surya and others tried their best, but only partially successful.

Story by Gopi Mohan has nothing new. Screenplay and Direction by Srinu Vaitla proves to be a regular one which is watched and enjoyed in all his last movies. Music by Devisri Prasad is good in songs like “Namo Namo Venkatesha” and “Soundarya…Soundarya.” Dialogues by Chintapalli Ramana sprinkled laughs, but some lacked the punch. Cinematography by Prasad Murella looked splendid in catching the virgin beauties of Iceland. Editing by MR Varma is also good even with a stretched second half. Production values by Ram Achanta are also good.

Out of the Movie Namo Venkatesha:  May be, it is the time for Srinu Vaitla to change his track because too much of anything is too bad! “Always Be Positive” tagline suits well to the movie, but he can’t make us respond, the same positive with these kind of treatment again and again. Interesting question is that how can Srinu Vaitla direct those routine drinking scenes, each time paining our jaws? This movie also brings an interesting point which Venkatesh has to now take care of, that is physical fitness. Signs of fatigue and increased body size were clearly visible in songs.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Namo Venakatesha: ‘Always Be Positive,’ an enjoyable cool family entertainer for Sankranthi, but the same old wine in new bottle.


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