Nakshatram Review

Nakshatram Review
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Director: Krishna Vamsy
Producer: S Venugopal, Sajju, K Srinivasulu
Release Date: Fri 04th Aug 2017
Actors: Sundeep Kishan
Nakshatram Rating: 2 / 5
Nakshatram Punchline: Stars Fall On Head In Mid Day Light

Nakshatram Review, What’s Behind:

Creative Krishna Vamsy’s brand is literally out at stake with this film which has been lying in cans from last few months. Starring Sundeep Kishan, Regina, Sai Dharam Tej, Pragya in leads, Nakshatram is considered to be a powerful police film with brand KV treatment and commerciality. Let us see, how far the film stood up to the expectations?

Nakshatram Story Review:

Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) hails from a family full of police ancestors. His only dream is to become SI but fails at last hurdle because of a brawl with Commissioner (Prakash Raj)’s son Rahul (Tanish), a drug addict. To see himself in a police dress at least once in lifetime, Rama Rao wears a police dress gifted by his girlfriend Jamuna (Regina) and her drunkard police father (Shivaji Raja). But this police uniform belongs to missing top cop Alexander (Sai Dharam Tej). Who are Alexander and his colleague cum girl friend Kiran Reddy (Pragya)? What happened to Alexander and why he went missing? Did Rama Rao crack the whole mystery?Nakshatram Artists and Technicians Review:Right from the word go, everything seems to have went wrong for Krishna Vamsy. Basically, the story is as old as Aravallis while the treatment is hackneyed with obsolete screenplay and lacking discipline in direction. Why Krishna Vamsy used vapid color combinations, loud characterizations, awful block settings, B grade cameras, empty headed editing techniques definitely need an answer? In the name of patriotism and police power, KV lost all his originality and nowhere can we feel like watching the work of a skillful personality of his stature. Srikanth Naroj’s cinematography is outright stupidity and so is the editing from Shiva Y Prasad inferior in quality than normal wedding function editing style. Bheems, Bharath will beat the dust out of our ears with unbearable musical sound pollution. Production standards from S Venugopal, Sajju, K Srinivasulu have nothing to spot on.Onto performances, Sundeep Kishan alone tried to rescue the film with his sincere attitude in a helpless aspiring police character. Regina and Pragya are left to quintals of skin show, nothing more. Prakash Raj is at his regular standard. Tanish is odd as psycho villain. Sai Dharam Tej’s cameo failed to the core. Shivaji Raja, Tulasi went over the board.

Nakshatram Review Positives:

Sundeep Kishan

Nakshatram Review Negatives:


Nakshatram Review, Rating Analysis:

If Krishna Vamsy’s brand and esteem has to be respected at, Nakshatram is a film far behind his standards. The classic touch and National fervor he generated in films like Khadgam aren’t found in any of the Nakshatram scenes. In one line, he showed stars to viewers in mid day sun light. The way he designed the characterizations of Regina, Pragya are intolerable and so is the climax. Just for first 1 to 2 minutes of opening scenes introducing us to Sundeep Kishan as Rama Rao, KV showed his profuse mark. Next scene onwards, loud and noise dominate the proceedings with his 1980’s treatment. Regina’s entry song and follow up scenes with Viva Harsha are a true torture. Why Pragya is introduced as a thief is still a question mark? Her fights are almost the same as Mumaith Khan’s Maisamma IPS. Shivaji Raja, Thulasi on the other side make us go deaf. Prakash Raj is wasted. Interval block is one of the silliest and half witted leaking us about Alexander.Into second half, flashback rolls in with Sai Dharam Tej, Pragya’s glamour filled police heroism while Tanish begins his tormenting. By the end of flashback, half of the theater is drugged. Extreme presentation of Tanish’s character makes a dumb viewer to know on what the climax will be? An overstretched climax will sweat you out towards the exit door.All in all, Nakshatram is a film meant to degrade Krishna Vamsy respect. Except a few scenes on Sundeep Kishan in first half, rest of the film is a disordered mess. Commercially, Nakshatram may have no chance of survival and Cinejosh rates the film with 2 stars.

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