Nagaram Review

Nagaram Review
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Nagaram Review, What’s Behind: Success has been eluding Sundeep Kishan from long. His dubbed film Nagaram (in Tamil Maanagaram) has hit the screens today as a crime thriller in Lokesh Kanagaraj direction starring Regina as heroine. Let us see, what happened in the city?

Nagaram Story: In what is said to be a hyperlink cinema, four stories run in parallel to connect with one common element. Sundeep Kishan, a jobless straight forward going guy loves Regina, a software employee. Shri is in Hyderabad to find a job and his certificated are stolen. Third is the kidnap gang of Ramdoss who lift local goon PKP’s daughter. Fourth is that of a cab driver Charle. How these four plots are interlaced together towards climax is a thrilling ride.

Nagaram Artists and Technicians: Weaving multiple stories into one and developing links between each of these stories is a challenge at screenplay. Debutant Lokesh Kanagaraj’s complexity at work is also sensed on screen when various characters and day to day identifiable episodes roll one after the other. Nevertheless, keeping narrative racy without imparting boredom at any point of time is the directorial excellence in Lokesh which surely has to be appreciated. Such kind of layer by layer plot arrangements without turbulence is rare of its kind in Indian cinema. Selva Kumar’s camera work created an authentic and realistic mood. Philomin’s editing though could have a little more crisp yet left no ground. Javed Riaz’s background music haunts us even after exiting the theater. Production standards from Potential Studios of SR Prabhu are worth to appreciate.    

About performances, Sundeep Kishan sinks into the role definitely different from his past films. We easily identify an aggressive friend in our friend circle with Sundeep. Heroine Regina though hasn’t got much than connecting two stories yet her presence is pleasing. Shri got lot of variations and connects well. Sympathizing with Charlie is so easy because of pity face. Madhu as PKP is fine. Munishkanth and other artists just lived into the respective roles.

Nagaram Advantages:

- Screenplay

- Direction

- Artists

- Thrilling Narration

Nagaram Drawbacks:

- Overstretched Scenes

- Complexity

- Missing Nativity

- Too Many Characters

Nagaram Rating Analysis: Yet again, one more classic example on how new age film makers are coming up with dissimilar stories, refreshing screenplay and distinctive directional skills. Every turn the film takes is unpredictable keeping audience hooked to screen. Lokesh and his technical team seem to have done honest, strong ground work before getting the on screen output.

From the very beginning of first scene, director took no time establishing the key characters and four plots. All the artists get in tandem with their respective plots involving the audience into story telling process. May it be Shri wrong-identity and stealing the certificates or Sundeep Kishan-Regina track or Charlie getting his cab on duty or the line of PKP and his daughter’s kidnap from school, everything is told in a new style. Interval block is deftly handled.

Into second half, though entire plot looks open, director accepts challenge and goes beyond our simple assumptions. The advantage he took in driving the four tracks to coherence touches the brutality in city. Especially, Charlie beaten to death by kidnappers or PKP learning a lesson of life or Sundeep’s heroism or Inspector’s double game, there’s a new spark in screenplay.

All in all, Nagaram is a different treat for those who love to watch thrillers. Debutant Lokesh is really talented as his mark is profusely felt in every department. CJ goes for 2.75 stars and is worth watching. Box Office verdict is hard to forecast because response from metros makes all the change.

Cinejosh Nagaram Verdict: Darker Side Of City Lives

                                                 Cinejosh Nagaram Rating: 2.75/5.0

                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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