Nachindi Girl Friendu review

Nachindi Girl Friendu review
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Director: Guru Pawan
Producer: Atluri Narayana Rao
Release Date: Fri 11th Nov 2022
Actors: Uday Shankar
Nachindi Girl Friendu Rating: 2 / 5
Nachindi Girl Friendu Punchline: Difficult to Like You

Nachindhi Girl Friendu : What's Behind

Atagadara Shiva fame Uday Shankar's latest flick Nachchindi Girl Friendu is generating immense buzz among movie lovers. The film's OTT partner is yet to be finalized and streaming will be revealed only after the end of its theatrical release. The film directed by Guru Pawan is releasing on November 11, 2022. Let us find out what impact Uday Shankar made with Nachchindi Girl Friendu on movie lovers.

Nachindhi Girl Friendu Story Review

Nachindhi Girl Friendu story is a romantic entertainer with an unexpected twist. Raja aka Raja Ram (Uday Shankar), who enjoys life to the fullest goes to Visakhapatnam to do a financial course along with his friend. In the process, he gets bowled by the charms of a beautiful girl Sandy (Jennifer Emmanuel) a software engineer. After numerous attempts, he manages to win the heart of Sandy. However Raja's life takes another twist and how Cherry (Madhunandan), Mukesh (Suman), Krishna Pandey (Srikanth Iyengar), and Vikram Roy (Saurav Lokesh) are connected to it, and to find out more about it, enjoy Nachchindi Girlfriendu on the silver screen.

Nachindhi Girl Friendu : Artists, Technicians Review

The story selected by Guru Pawan has an interesting line. However, he failed to showcase it on the screen in a perfect manner. He takes his own sweet time, to reach the main point with silly and illogical scenes. the entire first half is predictable and routine and ends mostly with the romantic and youthful scenes between the lead pair. In the second half, only during the pre-climax with just around half an hour to end the film, the real twist is revealed to thrill the viewers. Guru Pawan tried to surprise everyone by involving the stock market and the twists associated with it connecting them to the romantic drama. Though it is interesting, his narration turned routine and screenplay and direction became rudderless. He failed to elevate the romantic angle between the lead pair in an appealing manner. He passed the entire first half with comedy and romantic scenes that did not help the film in any way. The film finally ends on a predictable note after all the interest generated in the pre-climax. Dialogues are ok to some extent.

Uday Shankar convinced all with his performance. He tried different styles and mannerisms and once viewers get used to that, they are ok with his antics. Jennifer Emmanuel was impressed with her looks and attracted to her glamor in the songs. Madhunandan is good as Uday Shankar's friend while Srikant Iyengar performed well as Jennifer's dad. Suman played an important role and Gayathri Bhargavi performed well.

The cinematography of Ch Manohar is beautiful. He showed the Visakhapatnam beauty and the beach in an alluring way using camera angles and colors aptly. Sagar Udagandla's editing could have been far better as there are many unwanted scenes that slowed the pace of the narration. Gifton Elias attracted to his music and his blend of Carnatic music in a classical way makes a lasting impression. His background music elevated the scenes. Production values are good.

Nachindhi Girl Friendu : Movie Advantages

Novel theme

Nachindhi Girl Friendu : Disadvantages

Illogical Scenes
Story, Screenplay, Direction

Nachindhi Girl Friendu Rating Analysis

Uday Shankar's Nachchindi Girl Friendu directed by Guru Pawan has a surprise element. However, Guru Pawan takes a long time to introduce it and in the process lost precious time to take the film to another level. Had he concentrated on the screenplay and fine-tuned the script doing away with the illogical scenes, it could have become a good romantic thriller. Altogether Nachchindi Girl Friendu is another run-of-the-mill romantic flick. Considering these points, Cinejosh goes with a 2 rating for Nachchindi Girl Friendu.

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