Naa Peru Shiva Movie Review

Naa Peru Shiva Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Naa Peru Shiva: Tamil hero Karthi, brother of Suriya is growing his market in Tollywood. After the decent success of ‘Awara’ and ‘Yuganiki Okkadu,’ here comes ‘Naa Peru Shiva’ with Kajal Agarwal besides. Let us see, how this one will fare?

In the Movie Naa Peru Shiva: Shiva is a go lucky, plain hearted dude waiting for AE job. He has caring parents, a Cab Driver dad (Jayaprakash) and Home Maker mum (Lakshmi) with cute sister (Priya), more than all a big group of friends to spend all day and night in drinking and partying. During a friend’s marriage, Shiva falls instantly in love with Priya (Kajal Agarwal), who is also in search of a boy friend.

Life is going on happily for Shiva with Priya’s father (Ravi Prakash) accepting for their marriage once hero gets on to the job and his sister’s marriage fixed at the same time. A complicated rape and murder of young college going couple sets the Police on chase in parallel. Police find the chopped body parts of this couple at various parts of city.      

Now, a sudden accident to Shiva’s father brings him close to reality of a middle class family. When Shiva starts understanding the life, his father gets murdered by a local college going crime gang. Shiva sets on the journey to punish real criminals behind the cold blooded killing of his dad. How is above mentioned murder case linked to Shiva’s father? Did Shiva punish the criminals? form the gripping climax.

Values of the Movie Naa Peru Shiva: Greatness of this film lies neither in story nor in performances; it is director Suseendran’s crystal clarity in story narration and the kind of mood he has set on the screen. However the strength in scripting cannot be under played. Although his actual plot revolves around crime around Chennai city yet we Telugu audience easily get into the style of Suseendran. Adding more of effect is Mathi’s extra ordinary cinematography which takes us into the lowest and slum sections of a metropolis. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is highly clasping to the subject. Editing by Kasi Vishwanath is sleek. One craft that needs applause is stunts by Anal Arasu that made climax a thrilling part of film. Dialogues are although of non sync still it is okay. Production values of Studio Green are good.

Performance wise Karthi got into the skin of character. His simple mannerisms in romantic episodes with Kajal in first half and change over to stunning action performances in second half needs special acclaim. Kajal Agarwal is cute and effective in chudidars. On screen chemistry of this pair is excellent. The gang of four bad college going fearless guys who rape the girl and their auto driver uncle who sketches the murder of Karthi's father are a part of compelling star casting. Remaining other artists unknown to Telugu audience are also okay.

Out of the Movie Naa Peru Shiva: Karthi who had two good hits in Telugu with 'Awara' and 'Yuganiki Okkadu' might get third one to join the list, if audience well digest this second half of film. Core strengths of the movie is entertaining first half with romance of lead pair and a serious second half where audience in theatre have gone for pin drop silence. There is no complexity involved in story telling. It is set straight. Suseendran has plotted the seeds for second half tempo with the very first starting scenes of film. Climax fight shot on a tsunami struck beach with damaged houses is high points in the film. Apparently description might have gone slow at times for Telugu audience with unmatched Tamil backdrop yet film scores in the final realistic episodes. Well, Suseendran not to disturb the main story line seems to have skipped a duet on hero and heroine.

Finally, what we see is a refreshing, novel and a different, tight format of story telling with no boring moments. Characterizations and credibility in screenplay are also winning points. BO wise, 'Naa Peru Shiva' has taken off brilliantly with good collections reported; one has to wait and see how far Karthi’s image will sustain these collections with ‘Dhada’ and ‘Kandireega’ slated for next week release.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Naa Peru Shiva: Entertaining and Captivating.

                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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