Naa Bangaru Thalli Review

Naa Bangaru Thalli Review
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Behind the Movie Naa Bangaru Thalli: National award winning movies rarely get a real commercial theatrical release and ‘NBT’ is one among them which is getting even good publicity too. From Rajesh Touchriver and Sunitha Krishnan, there is Anjali Patil and Siddique in the film. Let us see what is this movie all about?

In the Movie Naa Bangaru Thalli: Story begins with introduction of Durga (Anjali Patil) facing horrible times brutally arrested in a brothel house. Into a minor flashback, Durga hailing from Amalapuram makes her family of humanitarian father Srinivasu (Siddique), mother proud by bagging a state rank and dreams of pursuing further studies in Hyderabad. In the process, Durga also falls in love with one of her classmate’s brother Vijay (Rathna Sekhar) and both the families get them happily engaged. 

Meanwhile, Srinivasu frequently travels Hyderabad on business purpose. To attend a college interview, Durga also lands in Hyderabad to meet her father. Here comes a shocking twist with Srinivasu’s real business revealed as a sex marketing agent who supplies girls to clients and is a big player in the market working as manager for a high profile racket. To make Srinivasu suffer, these sex racket people kidnap Durga and place her forcibly into prostitution. While Srinivasu is in search of his Bangaru Thalli, Durga is sent to attend a Middle East client in Palace resort from where she escapes with her would be Vijay. Finally, all of them gather in Amalapuram leading to a tragic climax.

Values & Out of the Movie Naa Bangaru Thalli: Hard hitting truths with reality based incidents inspire many film makers. ‘NBT’ is also a movie inspired from a sex worker whom Sunitha Krishnan rescued on behalf of her NGO Prajwala. Then wife (Sunitha) and husband (Rajesh Touchriver) decided to make a film out of this by adding those cinematic elements. Devoid of regular commercial ingredients, Rajesh Touchriver seems to have utilized much of the real locations in Rajahmundry and nearby to blow the nativity connection. Screenplay wise, there is nothing to thrill except interval. It is only in second half; the hard essence of film is actually sensed. Rajesh and Sunitha seem to have done plenty of research in plotting the locations, understanding the mental states of people linked to trafficking including the clients. Camera work of Rama Thulasi is not so grand and surely stood in elevating the spirit. Don Max editing was blunt with unnecessary extensions. Music by Sharreth for couple of songs and BGM of Shantanu Moitra are absorbing. Production values of Sun Touch Productions are just average.

Performance wise, Anjali Patil just lived in the character. She has a true mix of innocence and sensitive empathy to pull emotional chord with viewers. Especially in climax interaction with father Srinivasu, she has put an outstandingly balanced show. Anjali has stolen the show through this one episode. Never to mention, Anjali begging for mercy to get freed from brothel house and her first experience projecting as a sex worker are a rare piece of work. Then, Siddiqui as father to Anjali has done a decent job. Once his real face behind mask is exposed, Anjali has become the final sufferer. Director has finally given a right ending to Srinivasu character. Among the rest Lakshmi Menon, Rathna Sekhar have put decent performances.

For formula struck Telugu audience who just love to entertain themselves with stale comedy tracks and unrealistic heroism, reality and hard hitting truths behind dark lives of prostitutes and the real mafia behind this sex trafficking are definitely alien subjects. Those who buy tickets for 2 hours or 2:30 hours of fun for forgetting the personal cum professional tensions, ‘NBT’ is not for you. Watch it for excellent performance from Anjali Patil, Siddiqui and if you feel it’s our job to encourage a National award winning Telugu film, try to grab a ticket. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Naa Bangaru Thalli: Hard Hitting.

                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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