My Name is Shruthi Review

My Name is Shruthi Review
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Director: Srinivas Omkar
Producer: Burugu Ramya Prabhakar
Release Date: Fri 17th Nov 2023
Actors: Hansika, Murli Sharma, Jayaprakash, Aadukalam Naren, Dayanand Reddy, Prema, Pooja Rama Chandran, Raja Ravindra, CVL.Narasimha Rao, Praveen, SaiTej etc
My Name is Shruthi Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: My Name is Shruthi - Girl with Guts !

My Name is Shruthi (2023): What's Behind

Hansika who romanced top stars in Tollywood during her hay days before concentrating in Kollywood,after a longtime is coming up with a thriller titled My Name is Shruthi. The film's teaser and trailer got good response from the movie lovers. The film directed by Srinivas Omkar is releasing on 17 November 2023. Let us find out what how Hansika thrilled movie lovers with My Name is Shruthi.

My Name is Shruthi (2023) Movie: Story Review

My Name is Shruthi story is all about a young girl's fight against the dreaded medical mafia. Shruti (Hansika) who works in a ad agency finds her life change drastically due to the happenings in her flat. What are those mysterious happenings and how it is connected to Dr.Kiranmayi (Prema), Anu (Pooja Ramachandran), Home Minister Prathap Reddy (Raja Ravindra), Anu (Pooja Ramachandran), Bobby (Praveen), ACP Ranjith (Murli Sharma), MLA Gurumurthy (Aadukalam Naren), Charan (Sai Tej) form the rest of the proceedings.

It is an intriguing thriller based on Organ Mafia. My Name Is Shruthi stands apart as it deals with skin mafia, which is first of its kind movie which gives audience a new experience with a gripping thriller.

My Name is Shruthi Movie: Artists Review

Hansika Motwani played the role of a young girl perfectly. She showed good expressions and emotions and acted according to the situation. Her body language and screen presence makes an impact. Aadulakam Naren is good as the MLA and Raja Ravindra did well in the role of a home minister. Pooja Ramachandran showed her attitude as a drug peddler. Murli Sharma as ACP Ranjith did justice to his role. Praveen played the role with different shades in an amicable manner. Sai Tej is apt and same it the case with CVL.Narasimha Rao as grandfather. Jayaprakash played the role of DGP Sharma effectively.

My Name is Shruthi Movie: Technicians Review

My Name is Shruthi story penned by Srinivas Omkar is a thriller. He drew inspiration from few real life incidents. He selected an interesting concept but started the narration in a normal and predictable manner. However in the runup to the interval block, interest levels increases with few interesting twists and turns. The narration takes of to new level in the second half with director not deviating from the core point. The twists and turns though predictable generates curiosity among movie lovers. The film ends on a decent note with good climax.

Srinivas Omkar came up with a good story and took viewers into the narration with good screenplay and direction. The dialogues are thought-provoking to an  extent. Kishore Boyidapu,Durga Kishore Kumar's cinematography is good and gave the right feel to the thriller. The camera angles and color combinations are perfect. The editing of Chota K Prasad is ok but could have been better especially in the first half. Mark K Robin's background score is good. It is decent enough to elevate the scenes. Production values are good.

My Name is Shruthi: Advantages

  • Hansika Motwani
  • Concept
  • Couple of Twists

My Name is Shruthi: Disadvantages

  • Predictable Narration
  • Flat Screenplay
  • Lag

My Name is Shruthi Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, My Name is Shruthi is a decent medical thriller. Newcomer Srinivas Omkar touched an interesting point of skin grafting mafia increasing the intensity levels and showed Hansika in a powerful role. A little bit of fine-tuning of the script and avoiding the predictability and confusing screenplay in the first half would have got better results. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 2.25 Rating for My Name is Shruthi.

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