My Dear Bootham Review

My Dear Bootham Review
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Director: Raghavan N
Producer: Ramesh P Pillai
Release Date: Fri 15th Jul 2022
Actors: Prabhu Deva
My Dear Bootham Rating: 2 / 5
My Dear Bootham Punchline: Less Entertaining,More Emotional

What's Behind

Dancing sensation Prabhu Deva is making a comeback as an actor after a longtime with My Dear Bhootam. The film directed by Raghavan is releasing on July 15,2022. Let us see what My Dear Bhootam offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Srinu (Ashwanth Ashok Kumar) suffers from stammering and due to this,his mother (Ramya Nambeesan) turns over protective monitoring even the small activities, while in the school other kids tease him and the teachers including (Samukutha) insult them. In the midst of all this, Srinu comes across a statue that releases Karna (Prabhu Deva). To unravel more about Karna and where it leads Srinu, watch My Dear Bhootam on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Raghavan tried to drive home the point to encourage specially abled children instead of restricting or insulting them by adding fantasy elements into it. Raghavan starts the narration by showing the problems faced by Srinu and then balanced it in such a way that the story is not loaded with full of emotions with the introduction of Prabhu Deva. The scenes involving Ashwath and Prabhu Deva are filled with hilarious scenes and so too are the songs. There are many scenes that appeal to kids and children under the age group of 5 -6 years.

However, the problem starts when Raghavan completely ignored the other sections. While some of the scenes involving Prabhu Deva and Ashwath attract children, there are scenes that test the patience of the viewers. Raghavan drew inspiration from the TV shows and Alauddin Adbhuta Deepam etc and so the story lacks freshness. The screenplay and direction are ok to an extent.

Prabhu Deva entertains children with his performance and antics as the Bhootam. Ashwath Ashok Kumar did well showing various emotions as a kid suffering from stammering. Ramya Nambeesan did well as a protective mother and others performed according to their roles.

San Lokesh's editing could have been better as at times the narration pace dipped due to repetitive scenes. Music of Imman is ok and BGM is good. Cinematography of Senthil Kumar is in sync with the story. Dialogues are ok. Production values are good.


Ashwath,Prabhu Deva



Slow pace

Predictable narration

Rating Analysis

Raghavan's My Dear Bhootam is a film targeted at children. To some extent, Raghavan achieves his goal but the emotional scenes and dialogues put them off. The film has very less hilarious elements and runs more on emotions that are predictable which tests the patience of the elders. Raghavan missed the plot in trying to entertain children and at the same time attract elders. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 2 rating for My Dear Bhootam.


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