Mr Pellikoduku Review

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Mr Pellikoduku Review
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Behind the Movie Mr. Pellikoduku: Pairing of Sunil and Isha Chawla proved smart with 'Poola Ranagdu.' Director Devi Prasad attempted the same winning combination for Megaa Super Good Films with this remake subject of 'Tanu Weds Manu.' Let us see, how great and how grand is this 'Mr. Pellikoduku'?

In the Movie Mr. Pellikoduku: Buchchi Babu (Sunil), owning a boutique in USA has returned India to find a right traditional girl and get married. Along with parents (Dharmavarapu, Tulasi) and friend Bachi (Ali), firstly Buchchi Babu travels to Konaseema and falls in love with Anjali (Isha Chawla) in first Pelli Choopulu. Anjali's father Sugar Subbaraju (Ahuti Prasad) and Buchchi Babu parents even complete a formal engagement. Here comes a twist when Anjali reveals a dreadful playboy attitude to shock our soft Buchchi Babu. In no time, engagement gets cancelled but Buchchi Babu cannot forget her. 

Fate makes them meet again in Kerala attending a friend's marriage. Buchchi Babu is on groom's side while Anjali's friend is the bride. Here they develop a friendly chemistry but one more shock is in offing as Anjali reveals to be in love with Rajahmundry local political youth wing leader Raju (Vincent). As their journey proceeds on, when Anjali sensed the good attitude of Buchchi Babu and developed romantic feelings towards him? How did Raju react? All these form a part of climax.        

Values of the Movie Mr. Pellikoduku: Openly speaking, except the presence of Sunil and beautiful Isha Chawla, there is no substance here. Director Devi Prasad has failed to execute the project with same flavor of 'Tanu Weds Manu.' Screenplay was totally routine with no depth observed in handling the key scenes. Dialogues were callous like the music of SA Raj Kumar with no noteworthy tunes. Sameer Reddy's camera work was bright in catching the culture of Kerala while Nandamuri Hari's editing lacks the sharpness. Production values of Megaa Super Good Movies were also normal.

Performance wise, Sunil was subdued in low voice with no big energy required in this character. His dances are becoming a routine fare and costumes section also disappointed. In emotional scenes, he was very balanced while in romantic scenes, his shy attitude entertained. 

Isha Chawla is beautiful and her main asset of broad smile is always pain relieving. Of course, she is no where near to Kangna Ranaut's tomboy acting in the original. 

Ali got a full length character with comedy punches here and there. Ahuti Prasad, Tulasi, Dharmavarapu, Kadambari Kiran Kumar, MS Narayana, Vincent etc were just okay.

Out of the Movie Mr. Pellikoduku: For those who have enjoyed 'Tanu Weds Manu' early on, this will be no where a near match. Execution was weak from Devi Prasad even though he added few Tom & Jerry kind of scenes, the area where he has shown some grip in past movies ('Aaduthoo Paaduthoo'). Though, title of this film point towards the hero role of Sunil, it is heroine Isha Chawla around whom the entire story pivotes. Unfortunately, her characterization was spineless with no big lead scenes given. This is the major difference between 'TWM' and 'MP.' If energy and pace in narration with strong characters was the plus for 'TWM,' it's the weak characters and feeble direction of Devi Prasad lets us down. A suggestion for Sunil is not to ripoff his shirt for all useless climaxes.

Commercially, openings might be strong in B & C centers due to presence of Sunil but a run of three to four weeks is surely doubtful.  

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Mr. Pellikoduku: A Flop Flavorless Wedding.

                                                                  Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5.0

                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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