Mr. Nookayya Review

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Mr. Nookayya Review
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Behind the Movie Mr. Nookayya: Youngster Manchu Manoj is loaded with immense talent which is unutilized till date is the opinion of many. This flick in the direction of Ani Kanneganti with glam dolls Kriti Kharbhanda and Sana Khan as heroines arrived today to offer a different treat. Let us see, how strong is the signal strength of this Nokia?

In the Movie Mr. Nookayya: Story starts with Kiran (Raja) marrying beautiful girl friend Anuradha (Kriti), who is working as a Bank Manager. In no time, Kiran gets abducted by a kidnapper gang leaded by Shah Jahan (Murali Shamra) demanding Anuradha a ransom of Rs.2 Crores. In parallel runs the story of Mr. Nokia (Manchu Manoj) shown as a Mobile Snatcher with his team of friends Chichcha and Nampally (Vennela Kishore and Paruchuri Gopalakrishna). He has a girl friend named Shilpa (Sana Khan), a bar waitress. 

Anuradha robs the needful Rs.2 Crores from her own bank to save Kiran and is on her way to handover the same to Shah Jahan. To marry Shilpa and get settled in life, Nokia finds an opportunity to steal these Rs.2 Crores from Anuradha. Although he succeeds in running off with the money, Nokia gets betrayed both by his friend Chichcha and girl friend Shilpa. Developing aversion towards life by these happenings, Nokia decides to help Anuradha in getting her husband Kiran released from blackmailers. How did Nokia teach a lesson to Shilpa…how did Chichcha understand the value of his friend…what is the actual link between Kiran and Shah Jahan…where did this kidnap dram end up forms the rest.

Values of the Movie Mr. Nookayya: The worthy aspects which could have made Manoj to look for this film are story, scripting, cinematography and action scenes. Thanks to innovative scripting technique used by Ani Kanneganti resulting in an average kidnap story come out as an impressive show on screen. Cinematography by Rajasekhar is the crowning feature. Same is applied even to the knife sharp editing cuts. Background score of S. Chinna was invigorative while songs scored by Yuvan are just mediocre. Dialogues by Lakshmi Bhupal with additional inputs supplied by Paruchuri Brothers too are a good work. Action scenes self composed by Manchu Manoj are just mind-altering. VFX team needs a special applause. Of course production attributes of Shailendra Cinemas and DS Rao are highly commendable.

Performance wise, Manchu Manoj is an energy container. The way emotions, comedy, action, daces are portrayed by him substantiates the development of a 100% artist in him. The risky car chases and stunts performed by Manoj shows his passion towards a different genre of cinema. He has put in sweat and blood with heart and soul into the film. Sana Khan is bewitching with her sensuous sex appeal. Kriti is an enchanting beauty who has done a very balanced act. Vennela Kishore has got a meaningful character. Apparently, Raja thought of as a guest appearance should be held responsible for climax twists. Murali Sharma’s cruel laughs are beholding. Brahmi’s act as 22 Yrs + 3 Months young Rahul is rib tickling. Among the others Ahuti Prasad, Brahmaji, Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao and others suited well.

Out of the Movie Mr. Nookayya: Major strength of the flick is second half. The lag or slow narration which bores audience in first half is well compensated by last 30 minutes. One might doubt that ‘Nokayya’ team has deliberately suppressed the narration speed in first half to give the needful punch in second half. Elements of friendship, disloyalty in love, kidnap drama, deception are definitely put into the film with lot of ground work. Struggle by Ani Kanneganti for gap filling scenes is suitably felt in numerous occasions either bringing in Brahmi or in adjusting too many repetitive scenes. 

There are quite a bit of flaws in scripting used to bluff the audience aren’t that easily acceptable. Even the adult contented crummy comedy episodes dealt on Manoj and Sana Khan in first half will invite criticism from family audience. In fact, the foul and filthy dialogues spelt by Manoj (might be apt as per the frustration inside his character) in plenty of scenes should have been censored properly. Director’s well mixing of the needful twists and turns in second half kept the excitement of audience alive.  

In overall, ‘Nookayya’ is a satisfactory product when looked from Manchu Manoj’s point of view. There is humor, action, emotion, drama and all those colorful components needed for a mass entertainer. Film could have got a still better verdict if first half would have executed further better. Let us wait and see…how general audience will accept this kind of film?

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Mr. Nookayya: An Half Charged Battery.

                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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