Mr Majnu Review

Mr Majnu Review
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Director: Venky Atluri
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Release Date: Fri 25th Jan 2019
Actors: Akhil Akkineni
Mr Majnu Rating: 2.75 / 5
Mr Majnu Punchline: Akhil's One Man Show

Mr Majnu Review, What’s Behind?

Venky Atluri who made banging debut with Tholi Prema took the responsibility to provide first break to Akhil whose first two films were commercial failures. Audio and promotional content of the film were well received and hiked prospects. Will Akhil and Nidhi score their first hit with Mr Majnu? Will Venky break second film jinx?

Mr Majnu Story Review:

Vikky (Akhil) is a Casanova who can easily flirt with girls and make them mad about him. This charming guy meets a decent and traditional girl Nikky (Nidhi Agerwal), who has some specifications about her would-be, when they are flying back to their home in India from London. Coincidentally, Nikky sister’s marriage is fixed with Vikky’s brother and they have actually come to attend the wedding. Nikky initially hates Vikky, but she starts adoring him, ever since she notices good things about him. However, when Nikky proposes her love, Vikky puts a condition before her. What is it? Will Vikky change his playboy nature for Nikky or remain same to prove boys will be boys?

Mr Majnu Artists, Technicians Review:

Venky Atluri proved that, he can expertly handle love subjects with his very first film Tholi Prema. More importantly, intriguing teasers and trailer strengthened hopes on Mr Majnu. But, many doubted will this botched up subject of ‘playboy who meets his girl’ work out this time. Venky definitely showed Akhil as a playboy, but the story doesn’t completely revolves around this. He included effective elements such as romance, light humor and family emotions to make this look like a different film. However, Venky opted to regular stuff to deal second half where things go haywire. He surely took references from recent films and he somehow managed to blend them convincingly. While there are some compelling elements in first half, we don’t get to see much in second half.

Venky and his writing team have penned some wonderful dialogues which worked big time. S Thaman's songs and background score is the life of the film and it feeds the right emotions. Cinematographer George C Williams’s visuals look vibrant. Navin Nooli should have chopped few unnecessary ‘threads’ like Akhil uniting Vidyullekha Raman with her boyfriend which doesn’t add any significance to the main story. Production values of SVCC looked rich.

Onto artists, Akhil casted a magic spell with his charming looks and settled performance. He was equally good as a Casanova and as the boy making efforts to his girlfriend. His dance moves are elegant. Akhil delights females with his 8-pack abs in title song. Nidhi Agerwal is given good space and she rightly utilized the opportunity. Their chemistry worked for most of the time. Priyadarshi was acceptable and Hyper Adi’s comedy did not work out. Izabelle Leite was a hot chic in a brief role. Rao Ramesh and Jayaprakash were routine. Other artists just played their roles.

Mr Majnu Review Advantages:


First Half


Mr Majnu Review Drawbacks:

Second Half

Predictable Screenplay

No Much Fun Elements

Lack Of Uniqueness

Mr Majnu Review, Rating Analysis:

Playboy films hardly worked in Telugu cinema. So, Venky Atluri used the concept only to define hero’s character. Sometimes, films with routine subjects work out when they are made appealingly. However, Venky neither tried something unique, nor he made the film engagingly. Had he taken same care on second half, like how entertainingly he penned first half, Mr Majnu would have been a sure shot blockbuster. The second half was filled with unnecessary threads and superfluous drama.

Mr Majnu begins with Nidhi Agerwal’s pelli choopulu with different guys which is meant to classify her choice of fiancé. In no time, Akhil is introduced in style as a Casanova after his female classmates protesting in support of him against dean who proposes to dismiss him from college after catching him intimating with her daughter. The first meet of Akhil and Nidhi at an airport is routine yet entertaining with the latter detecting his ‘real nature’. The following episodes bring some relief with family bonding at wedding. Rao Ramesh and his son’s episode enlighten selfish nature of youth of this generation. Akhil's Doberman philosophy with Nidhi will cheer youth. Nidhi’s love proposal to Akhil and the following episodes are a routine stuff. Akhil, Nidhi’s misapprehension leads to intermission.

Second half begins on dull note with Akhil realizing his mistake shown in a song. Things will not pick up from here on even after Hyper Adi’s introduction as a head of a piracy site Hyderabad Rockerz which is a funny take on popular piracy site Tamil Rockerz which is leaking star hero films on release day itself. While Nidhi tries to impress Akhil in first half, it’s Akhil’s turn to charm Nidhi in second half which looks like repetitive. Vidyullekha Raman patch-up with boyfriend and Akhil’s fight with college mate are only for time being. At last, Akhil and Nidhi’s patch-up happens at airport after an emotional family episode.

All in all, Mr Majnu is not completely a wholesome entertainer as predicted and it neither a boring one. Akhil’s screen presence coupled with Nidhi’s glamour and some light humor are the saving grace. Thaman’s music and George C Williams cinematography too adds to the positives. Youth may love the film and the family emotions may please family audience. With no big competition, Mr Majnu may shine at box office. Cj goes for 2.75 stars.


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