Mr KK Review

Mr KK Review
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Director: Rajesh Selva
Producer: Kamal Haasan, R Ravindran
Release Date: Fri 19th Jul 2019
Actors: Vikram, Akshara Haasan, Abi Hassan, Lena, Vikas, Jasmine, Cherry, Rajesh Kumar, Ravindra, Puravalan, Siddhartha and others.
Mr KK Or Mister KK Movie Rating: 2.0 / 5
Punchline: Mr KK Or Mister KK - Bad Choice Chiyaan

Mr KK Review, What’s Behind?

Chiyaan Vikram lost sheen after facing bitter results with last few films. He pinned all hopes on Mr KK directed by Cheekati Rajyam fame Rajesh Selva and produced by Kamal Haasan. Akshara Haasan, daughter of Kamal played lead role in the film billed to be an action thriller. Let’s see whether Mr KK will provide much needed break for Vikram.

Mr KK Story Review:

Vasu (Abi Hassan), a doctor by profession moves to Kuala Lampur with pregnant wife Aathira (Akshara Haasan). An anonymous person KK (Vikram) badly injured in a shootout is admitted in hospital where Vasu works. KK’s brother Nandha kidnaps Aathira, demands Vasu to bring KK out from the hospital. Police finds that, KK is a gangster, an undercover agent and suspect in many crimes including murder of a business tycoon in Kuala Lampur. Who exactly KK is? What’s his involvement in the high-profile murder case? Why police officer Vincent is behind KK? Will Vasu ever find his wife abducted?

Mr KK Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Rajesh Selva opted to a thin and not-so-excitong plot which necessitates an engaging screenplay added with thrills and frills. The film suffers from major pacing issues, especially in first half where the complete focus was on KK, Vasu. The second area where Vikram's motive is revealed also fails to uplift the film. Even action episodes weren’t riveting. Rajesh Selva failed as director The  shot making and taking looks silly, over cinematic with less authenticity. Ghibran tried hard to deliver a thrill feel with BGM, wherein cinematography by Srinivas R Gutha is first-class. Even 121 minutes runtime appears lengthy because of poor editing. Production values of Raaj Kamal Films International are good.

Onto performances, Vikram as we all know is a performer who gets into the skin of any role. KK was not a challenging role for him given the tough roles he played earlier. It’s nearly a passive role with no big efforts needed, except for building a muscular physique. Akshara Haasan and Abi Haasan played their parts efficiently. And no other artists are given much space or scope.

Mr KK Review Advantages:

Nothing Much Really

Mr KK Review Drawbacks:

Tough To Find

Mr KK Review, Rating Analysis:

Whatever the elements we expect from an action thriller are missed completely in Mr KK which hardly has engaging moments. A wafer-thin storyline which itself is unbelievably confusing at times is narrated in most boring manner. Interesting thing is the film is remake of the 2010 French Film Point Blank.

First half surely begins on promising note with a chase as wounded KK is on the run from two armed men. Then, the film focuses on the relationship between a junior doctor Vasu and his pregnant wife Aathira which is lengthy and an unnecessary divergence from main story. Time is wasted on KK's retrieval and his escape from police. It will really be a surprise to see intermission on screen because nothing much happened till this point in time.

Latter half is also less interesting with things go at snail’s pace. The rest is all about a cat n rat chase between KK and enemies with the innocent doctor and his pregnant wife embroiled in the mess. The pre-climax portions of KK and Vasu sneaking into a highly protected area of police headquarters without a plan question the logic. The last portion of KK’s payoff is also not well-etched.

All in all, Mr KK is undoubtedly one of the most boring and pointless films in recent times. Vikram yet another time picked a wrong subject. CJ goes with 2 stars and with iSmart Shankar showing its power; Mr KK hardly has any chance to do at least minimum business at box office.

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