Mosagallaku Mosagadu Movie Review

Mosagallaku Mosagadu Movie Review
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DK Bose fame director Bose Nelluri's "Mosagallaku Mosagadu", starring Sudheer Babu and Nandini Rai in the lead, which released today has received some positive reviews from the viewers. 

Behind The Story: Krish (Sudheer Babu) is a conman who leads his life doing robberies and cheating people. Being it was a unsatisfactory thing, he aimed for a big one to settle down in his career, but meanwhile, he falls in love with Sandhya (Nandini Rai), a innocent middle class girl, working in a library. On the other side, the other drama begins with Seeta – Rama Idols being stolen from Ramalayyam, Ayodhya. These idols are most precious as they were made to showcase the respect towards gods. With this precious idols turns to be a big deal for Rudra (Abhimanyu Singh) who was a mafia don in Dubai. Story turns around and one of the idol came into the hands of Krish who was looking to settle big. From here the story starts revolving between police, Rudra and Krish. The rest of the story is to reveal the twist and bringing back the idols from the thieves.

Analysis: Mosagallaku Mosagadu is a comedy film with other commercial ingredients like action and romance. First half of the movie is to be considered as the Strength of the movie with some comedy tops and no scene in the movie makes audience to feel bore. The locations in the songs are shoot well and, being  an very predicted story line most of the scenes had covered to make them forget. Most of the audience feel like having some great twists in the movie, being said the movie is a crime comedy. But, there are no such scenes to make the second half highlight. Climax is the major drawback for the movie. 

Performance: Sudeer Babu has gone for a complete makeover. He looks sophisticated and yet suitable for the role of a thief. His changed his dialogue delivery and has given a controlled dialogue delivery. You will see a new Sudeer playing an author-backed character in this film. Where, Nandini Rai looks pretty good in a formal look and she has performed naturally. But,She missed the spontaneous dialogues where this girl who looks good even when she goes overboard. But, director has designed her character well and made her be just character-driven. All the other team for comedy were well executed in the movie to playback the comedy scenes.

Directors Point and Technical Aspects: Bose Nelluri has written the story, which is routine and predictable in parts. Sudheer Babu's performance and  Nandini's glamour were to be watch where some rib-tickling comedy scenes were said to be highlights with having good music and cinematography that are said to be one more highlights of the movie, according to film scope.

The cinematography and the visuals of the movie have been grand enough. The songs are pictured well, but the editing of those songs disturbs the feel. The production values have been impressive. But the second half of the movie, which is considered as the crucial part, might have taken extra care.

One Line: Don't Expect the movie to be ticket worth, Just enjoy the Comedy. 

Rating: 2.75/5

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