Money 3 Movie Review

Money 3 Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Money Money More Money: The hilarious treatment of director Shiva Nageshwar Rao made ‘Money’ one of the best comedy movies in Tollywood. Later on sequel ‘Money Money’ was a flop. Now, JD Chekravarthy and Brahmi teaming up for third part is something interesting. Let us see, how worthy is to spend money on this ‘Money 3?’

In the Movie Money Money More Money: Chakri (Chekravarthy), Abbas (Mukul Dev), Raghu (Brahmaji) and Goga (Kevin Dev) are four best jobless friends. Their goal is to earn speed money and get settled. Route they choose is to kidnap a rich girl. Accordingly they abduct Maggi (Tara Alisha), daughter of multi millionaire businessman Jagdish (Naga Babu). 

All of them inclusive of Maggi are now hidden in the house of Khan Dada (Brahmanandam) by taking hostage of his entire family. Khan Dada was once a rich real estate businessman who lost all the money due to slump and is chased by money lenders. One by one, Pizza delivery boy (Venu Madhav), Sales girl Trisha (Gajala), Police Constable (Rajiv Kanakala), money lender Tirumala shetty (Jeeva) and his son Sunil Shetty enter into Khan Dada’s house to get trapped. 

Demand of kidnappers to Jagdish is to bring Rs.1 Crore in cash and set free both Maggi and Khan Dada’s family. As movie progresses, Chakri falls in love with Maggi and Raghu is in love with Trisha. With opinion differences sprouting up between each and every one in the gang, separate teams are formed to run away with cash. In the mean time, Abbas sketches a conspiracy with Terrorist Azharuddin (Subba Raju). What happened later on? Did Jagdish save his daughter? What happened to all the four friends? How much share of bounty did Khan Dada get? form the climax.

Values of the Movie Money Money More Money: Except Khan Dada and Chakri, none of the characters from first two parts find a place here. There is no hero in the film. Everybody in the above said star cast have got equal portions of screen space. Of course Brahmanandam got a little lengthy one to entertain. More than quality comedy, Brahmi uses same monkey like face expressions which won some laughs. Chekravarthy was at his routine, Mukul Dev was ferocious, Brahmaji was comical and Gogo is also entertaining. Tara Alisha is red hot, Gajala is simple and Asha Saini was apt as maid servant. English dialogues by Rama Prabha kindling Brahmi are wonderfully worked out. In fact the three episodes between Rama Prabha and Brahmi stand out in entire movie. Venu Madhav couldn’t show his magic while Rajiv Kanakala, Jeeva, Ping Pong, Shashank, Naga Babu, Chalapathi Rao, Chandramohan, Duvvasi Mohan, Jagan and others struck to their small portions.                 

Technically Chekravarthy has written a simple plot where entire drama takes place in only one place that is house of Khan Dada. Screenplay was okay with interest generating episodes at regular intervals but the biggest loop hole is monotony of scenes. Direction wise Chekravarthy couldn’t sustain the excitement in audience as what we have seen in earlier two parts. Music by Chakri is okay. Cinematography of Bharani K Dharan was good work because different camera angles in single house to give new look for each scene is a tough task. Editing by Venkatesh is crisp. Dialogues of Marudhuri Raja were comical in many instances. Production values of Satyanarayana and Chekravarthy Productions are low.

Out of the Movie Money Money More money: Movie being made on a shoe string budget, openings are enough to keep producers/buyers on safe shore. Subject wise, Money 3 is no match to first and second. Chekravarthy has brought many useless gap filling scenes. Even Brahmanandam, considered as spine of this movie drilled the audience. Only when we see the episodes of Brahmi from Part 1 & 2 that we feel a big relief. Climax scenes where Brahmi was made to do Bruce Lee Karate and Snake dances are cheap tricks in desperation done by Chekravarthy. Time for Brahmi to try something different.

Interval twist cooked by director with Police Officer Shashank fooled the audience. Thanks that we don’t see Varma kind of cat and mouse run game in Money 3 because every fifteen minutes we are introduced with a new character. Nothing much difference in treatment between first and second halves. Commercially ‘Money 3’ can be a safe venture due to lowest production cost but sticking to BO for more than two to three weeks is highly impossible. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Money Money More Money: No where near to first two parts.

                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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