Mister Review

Mister Review
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Director: Srinu Vytla
Producer: Tagore Madhu, Nallamalapu Bujji
Release Date: Fri 14th Apr 2017
Mister Rating: 1.75 / 5
Mister Punchline: Srinu Vytla - Mad At Max

Mister Movie Review, What’s Behind:

Brand Srinu Vytla took to huge beating with last two disasters Aagadu, Bruce Lee. He teamed up this time with Varun Tej, Hebbah Patel and Lavanya Tripathi for a romantic-drama entertainer ‘Mister.’ Can Vytla overcome the agonized past and deliver a solid comeback with ‘Mister?’ Let us see in Mister Review. 

Mister Story Review:

Pichaiah Naidu (Naazar) is a noble headman of a village in Andhra-Karnataka border surrounded by mineral rich forest zone under the governance of Sri Krishna Deva Raya successors (Murali Sharma, Shafi and others). On the other side, Chai (Varun Tej) lives in Spain with parents (Anand, Eshwari Rao and others) falls in love with tourist Meera (Hebbah Patel). At a time when Chai decides to express his love, Meera reveals about her boyfriend Siddharth (Prince) and leaves back to India. 

As Meera’s love is in problem, Chai lands in the same Andhra-Karnataka border wherein Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripathi) comes into his life. How is Chandramukhi connected to Sri Krishna Deva Raya dynasty? Whom did Meera actually love? How is villain gangs (Nikitin Dheer, Tanikella Bharani) linked to these love stories is rest.

Mister Artists, Technicians Review:

For a downcast story of this sorts penned by Gopi Mohan, no one in the world could able to write a screenplay. But, here is Srinu Vytla both scripted and directed a terribly awful film touching the lowest of low in his career. No wonder, ‘Bruce Lee’ and ‘Aagadu’ are worth 5 star rating films if gauged relatively with ‘Mister.’ Except first 30 minutes of Spain episodes, rest is a complete crap. Sreedhar Seepana though tried to develop positivity now and then with his dialogues but it was of no use because ‘Mister’ is outright gruesome at every point of time. KV Guhan cranked magic with camera in the beginning and gradually lost focus to become horrendous. Whole of car chases in hilly tracts went out-focused and burnt. MR Varma should be felicitated specially for editing ‘Mister’ without a head and tail in crisp 150 minutes. Mickey J Meyer scored couple of good songs which went wrong in situational picturization. Hats Off to producers Bujji and Madhu for believing in Vytla and his vacuous script. 

Coming to artists, Varun Tej showed lot of commitment. His comic timing comes as a surprise winner, looked manly in both love tracks and action blocks. Definitely, ‘Mister’ improved him as a hero. Hebbah Patel is a wrong choice, neither gorgeous nor the role is meaty. Lavanya Tripathi’s painful Chandramukhi character is dominated by colorful costumes. Nikithin Dheer, Tanikella are hopeless villains. Naazar is a regular grandfather. Sathyam Rajesh, Shakalaka Shankar comedy is bad. ‘Oopiri’ spoof on Raghu Babu, Srinivas Reddy and Tejaswi Madivada is a laughter riot. Nagineedu, Murali Sharma and Shafi are beggary at looks in the name of Sri Krishna Deva Raya dynasty. Anand, Eshwari Rao and others in Spain are authentic. Prudhvi and his team is just ok. Priyadarshi, Sathya, Brahmaji’s track is mere time wastage. Rest like Prince and others may not need any mention.

Mister Review Positives:

Varun Tej

Spain Episode

Mister Review Nagatives:

Srinu Vytla Script, Direction

Gopi Mohan Story

Mickey Music

MR Varma Editing

Complete Second Half

Rest Everything

Mister Review Rating Analysis:

Stressed to come out from Bruce Lee, Aagadu debacles, Srinu Vytla taxed himself with one more excruciating film called Mister. Instead of playing safe in his own genre of trademark comedy punches, satires and spoofs, Vytla’s efforts on Krishna Deva Raya dynasty, too many villain tracks, plenty of sub plots… what not everything misfired resulting in a nasty second half. His obsession for illogical, mindless side tracks damaged the film as a whole. 

Establishing the Andhra-Karnataka border village as conflict zone, titles roll and the Spain trip begins introducing a cute Varun Tej family. Hebbah Patel’s entry and follow up romantic comedy track using ‘Oopiri’ spoof thoroughly entertained. Twist comes in when Hebbah moves back to India and Varun travels behind to solve her love problem. After a clever screenplay trick exposing Hebbah’s brother and a victimized Prince, here on Vytla goes down and down with lengthy chases leading to an action packed interval block leaving audience confused on Vytla’s stand with respect to Lavanya Tripathi.

Second half kick starts with a dumb Shakalaka Shankar’s Shantipuram track. Murali Sharma’s Krishna Deva Raya dynasty track is too lengthy and mysteriously abnormal. Here’s where Vytla made ‘Mister’ a suicidal fare. Unable to hold the attention on every sub plot, ‘Mister’ broke into pieces moving here and there with disorientation. It took tad long for Vytla to bring the cards together for redemption and the damage went irreparable. Formulaic climax and sacrifices between Varun Tej, Hebbah, Lavanya are a macabre. 

Finally, ‘Mister’ is pathetically a scrap film from Vytla exposing his unbarred approach of wasting valuable resources for no good. ‘Mister’ will go down at Box Office only to prove Vytla’s incautious, injudicious and irresponsible incompetence. For Varun Tej, here is one more nightmare. Mister movie rating is the lowest 1.75 stars from Cinejosh and a strict no for the weekend.

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