Missing Review

Missing Review
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Director: Srini Josyula
Producer: Seshagiri Rao Narra, Bhaskar Joshyula
Release Date: Fri 19th Nov 2021
Actors: Harsha Narra
Missing Rating: 2 / 5
Missing Punchline: Misses the mark

What's Behind

Missing directed by Srini Josyula hit the screens today. The film generated interest with its teasers and trailers. Let us see what it offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Software engineers Gautam (Harsha Narra) and Sruthi ( Nikkesha Rangwala) fall in love and get married. However the car they were traveling in meets with an accident and after the accident, Gautam finds himself in a coma. After gaining consciousness, he gets another shock when he comes to know that his wife Shruti goes missing. Where Shruti goes missing and what is the mystery behind it, how is his brother in law (Surya) who owns the hospital, young journalist Meena(Misha Narang), investigating officer Tyagi (Ram Dutt), and the police officer (Chatrapati Sekhar) are connected to it, forms the mystery of Missing.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Srini Josyula starts off the narration in an interesting manner with the kidnap. The car accident involving Gautam and Shruti increases curiosity. However, he quickly loses the plot in the first half and confuses people. When viewers expected a better second half, he thought numerous twists will drive viewers crazy. However, they ended up confusing the viewers. Though Srini Josuya came with an interesting plot and concept, he failed with his insipid screenplay and direction. Except for a couple of dialogues and a few twists, Srini Josyula failed to elevate the proceedings. Srini Josuyla generates interest with the interval bang but with unnecessary flashback episodes and romantic track, he diluted and deviated from the main story.

Ajay Arasada with his music attracted viewers. He made a good impact with his background music elevating the scenes. The cinematography of Jana is good and took viewers into the story. Editing of Satya could have been a little better. Production values are good.

Harsha Narra tried his best to attract viewers.  However, his inexperience came to the fore as he couldn't come with good expressions at times. Nikkesha Rangwala is confined to glamor show on the screen. Misha Narang is ok in her role. Others performed according to their roles.


Interesting plot



Screenplay, Direction

Confusing narration

Rating Analysis

Director Srini Josyula with Missing tried to mesmerize movie lovers with interesting twists and turns thrilling them completely. However, he failed completely with his execution and instead ended up confusing viewers. With a little bit of fine-tuning of the script and getting the optimum out of the cast and crew, he would have got better results with Missing. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Missing.


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