Mishan Impossible Review

Mishan Impossible Review
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Director: Swaroop RSJ
Producer: Niranjan Reddy & Anvesh Reddy
Release Date: Fri 01st Apr 2022
Actors: Taapsee Pannu
Mission Impossible Rating: 2 / 5
Mission Impossible Punchline: Malfunctions

What's Behind

Tapsee's comeback film in Tollywood, Mishan Impossible directed by RSJ. Swaroop of Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya is releasing on April 1, 2022. The film has been promoted in a grand manner and interest has been generated among movie lovers. Let us see how Mishan Impossible entertained movie lovers.

Story Review

Three young children Raghupathy (Harsha Roshan) , Raghava (Bhanu Prakash), and Rajaram (Jayatheetha Molugu) dream of attaining stardom and earning a lot of money. While Raghupathy is crazy about Ram Gopal Varma's films, Raghava loves the KBC show and Rajaram aspire to be a cricketer. The duo come together and decided to catch the dreaded don, Dawood Ibrahim. However they get entangled in a peculiar situation and where this will lead to and what is their connection to Sailaja (Tapsee), investigative journalist, and child trafficker Ram Shetty (Harish Peradi), should be found out on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Swaroop RSJ of Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya fame tried to select a different story and generate interest among movie lovers. In fact, he came up with an interesting premise of three kids going on a mission to capture international don. But after the interesting and exciting start, he failed to continue in the same vein. Weak story and script played spoilsport. Many illogical scenes crept in and the narration dragged at a slow pace. Though the second half picks up pace, illogical scenes decrease interest among the viewers. Except for a few hilarious scenes, nothing excites the movie lovers. Swaroop for all his talent should have concentrated on fine-tuning the story and the script and used the talent of Tapsee to the maximum. He tried his level best to increase the interest levels after the exciting start and tried to entertain viewers with hilarious scenes. But he overdid them at the end of the second half thus looking silly at the face value. People expected something new from the director in the second half as he sprang in his debut film. But he went overboard with illogical scenes which looked farcical at times.

Tapsee performed according to her character. She got only a limited screen presence. All the three children Harsh Roshan, Bhanu Prakashan, Jayateertha Molugu who played the lead roles performed exceptionally well. They emoted well and carried themselves in front of the camera in a commendable manner. Others performed according to their roles. Ravindra Vijay, Harshavardhan and Sandeep Raj performed according to their roles.

Mark K Robin's music is decent but he elevated the scenes with his BGM. The editing of Raviteja Girijala could have been far better. He left many drags in the film. The cinematography of Deepak Yeragara is natural and realistic. He with his camera angle gave a realistic feel to the viewers. Production values are good.


Interesting plot

Few hilarious scenes



Story, Screenplay, Direction

Illogical scenes

Rating Analysis

Swaroop RSJ roping in Tapsee for Mishan Impossible along with the three kids dreamed of giving movie lovers a thrilling fun ride to the viewers. However, after the initial start, he went into a dilemma as to whether to turn the film into a hilarious one or a thriller one and this indecision resulted in the failure of the mission. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Mishan Impossible.


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