Mirchilanti Kurradu Review

Mirchilanti Kurradu Review
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Mirchilanti Kurradu Review, What’s Behind: Producer Rudrapati Ramana Rao grew famous with ‘Lion’ is here with ‘Life is Beautiful’ fame Abhijeet for this film directed by debutant Jai Nag. Let us get into ‘Mirchilanti Kurradu’ review portions.

Mirchilanti Kurradu Story: All it begins with introduction of Nanna Hostel run by Nanna (Rao Ramesh). Hostel is as usual populated with unproductive youth (Shakalaka Shankar, Jabardast Srinu etc) joined by hero Siddhu (Abhijeet). Without thinking much, each of the guys in hostel has their only life ambition to win a girl from adjacent ladies hostel. Wrong one in the lot, Siddhu is the only sincere lover searching for Vasu (Pragya Jaiswal), whom he met six months ago. Luck favors all of them. Vasu belongs to this same hostel while Shankar and Srinu also get one girl each. However, egos develop between all of them leading to everyday breakups. Here Nanna delivers a sermon to all his wards motivating them towards a goal in life. Cards fall in place and the love birds are back as pairs. Meanwhile, Vasu’s father (Nagineedu) living in village arranges for her marriage and Siddhu’s batch has a sketch to get Vasu, Siddhu united.

Mirchilanti Kurradu Artists & Technicians: Either from story or screenplay point of view, there is nothing to highlight. The fatal blows of director Jai Nag have hit the viewers incessantly. Neither there is a soul in movie nor a goal for director to establish in his overall plot. Except lots of inspirations drawn from past youthful films, Jai Nag hasn’t done anything from his side. Writing lied at its lowest ebb except some meaningful lines from Rao Ramesh character. There is utter disorientation with lack of focus in narration. Swamy’s camera work is decent while Prawin Pudi’s editing is totally blunt. JB’s music is also a below average score. Production values of Rudrapati Ramana Rao are fairly good.

As hero Abhijit’s drawbacks are highlighted in many frames, Jai Nag cleverly directed the attention on Jabardasth comedians available at his disposal. For large portions, one might doubt on whether Shakalaka Shankar or Abhijti is the hero? In his natural Srikakulam flair, Shankar tried to generate few laughs and he was partially successful. Jabardast Srinu also did his best. Heroine Pragya Jaiswal is pale in looks. She hasn’t got a substantial role to deliver a punch. Rao Ramesh added solidarity to film but how far he could uphold his respect by dancing on super hit songs with an aimless young batch needs a self-validation. Nagineedu and 30 Years Prudhvi tried to evoke laughter in an enervated sub plot pulling towards climax. Sapthagiri made a bit of fun. Among others, Prabhas Srinu, Supreet, Nalla Venu etc were just inappropriately used.

All in all, ‘Mirchilanti Kurradu’ is another ill defined and vague film targeted at youth audience. Film had no strong element to convince the viewers. Inconsistent characterizations combined with out of order scenes and mishandled direction created annihilation. Second half is a little better time pass than an insipid first half. Box Office wise, ‘Mirchilanti Kurradu’ showed no signs of survival.

Mirchilanti Kurradu Verdict by Cinejosh: Aimless and thoughtless Film.

Mirchilanti Kurradu Rating by Cinejosh: 2/5 

                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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