Mirchi Review

Mirchi Review
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Behind the Movie Mirchi: Every time when Prabhas arrives with a new film, expectations will be obviously high. When a dialogue writer Koratala Siva is turning a director, we can expect something new. Let us see, how spicy will be this 'Mirchi'?

In the Movie Mirchi: Story takes off in Milan when Jai (Prabhas), a fun loving, cool and light heart attitude guy falls in love with MS student Manasa (Richa). At a time when both of them express their feelings, Manasa explains about her faction family in Iragavaram near Macherla. In the next scene, Jai lands in India to join a college where he meets student rowdy Poorna (Subba Raju). Very short time, Poorna completely becomes a good guy in the firnedhsip of Jai. Then Poorna introduces Jai to his family members who are none other than Iragavaram faction family team of dad (Nagineedu), Babai Uma (Sampat Raj) boiling to take revenge on Rentachintala village head Deva (Satya Raj)'s family. Of course, Manasa is the only sister to Poorna. Why did Jai join the family of Poorna? How is he connected to Deva and his departed wife Lata (Nadia)? When did Jai fall in love with Deva's daughter-in-law Vennela (Anushka)? All these form the part of flashback. How Jai changed the cruel and blood thirsty family of Poorna and how he won their love to erase factionism between two villages is the climax.

Values of the Movie Mirchi: Story wise this 'Mirchi' is grinded kichidi nearly 20 or 30 times in last three to four years to cook a commercial project. In fact, there is no novel point in Koratala Siva's story selection. So, he depended more on writing a tight screenplay and good dialogues. Yet, he was only partly successful. Siva has done equally a better jon in both first and second halves. Madhi's cinematography is stylish but quite dull and dim which do not suit this genre. Kotagiri's scissor needed to be much shaper to cut the lengthy scenes during the weak take-off. Devi Sri Prasad's music was the best part with weakly picturized songs. Production wise, Vamsi, Pramod and UV Creations are worth appreciative.

Performance wise, Prabhas is darling in this total show of style with settled variations. He is always a treat to watch delivering 'Hey Dude' kind of dialogues. Disappointing factor is, director has missed to explore the dancing abilities in Prabhas missing plenty of mass beats from DSP. Then comes Anushka only in second half. Though played a glamorous Maradalu role to Prabhas, she resembled an aunty in hero's faction family. Richa was just for name sake. Truly speaking, when Prabhas enters into his rival family using Subba Raju...director alone knows why he wanted Richa to be in the movie? Such a big blunder...?

Among other artists, Satya Raj was so neat, Nadiya is beautiful matching the enticement of Anushka. Sampat Raj, Aditya Menon, Nagineedu, Benarjee, Supreet, Hema, Raghu Babu were okay. Brahmi's character as Bank Manager Veera Pratap and Satyam Rajesh as Bava to Anushka were slightly fun generating. Hansa Nandini's item number was very small.

Out of the Movie Mirchi: It has become a rule of thumb for all the directors to follow the format of faction mixed action revenge between two families or two villages to deal a mass hero and mass cinema. Koratala Siva used all his experience of working as story and dialogue writer to pen 'Mirchi.' He played well with sensibilities of audience by evenly placing few emotionally touching scenes in first half. Once the plot is revealed just pre-interval introducing the character of Satya Raj and then the original shade of Prabhas, rest was formulaic with a flashback narrated.

Instead of action mixed with comedy, Siva mixed family emotions in etching the characterizations. Of course, this is already seen in recent flicks like 'Brindavanam' but the same is not the case with 'Mirchi.' In the name of dishing a commercial movie, an intelligent writer like Koratala Siva has also served the same old meal. Overall, critics wise 'Mirchi' could be weak but for common audience, this can be an average treat and is worth to watch only once. Commercially, 'Mirchi' will plunder the BO for first one week because producers and distributors followed a strategy not to release any new big movie till March. And, there is always Prabhas mark to fetch more. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Mirchi: Darling...This Is Old Spiceless Khichidi.

                                                          Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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