Merise Merise Review

Merise Merise Review
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Director: Pawan Kumar. K
Producer: Venkatesh Kothuri
Release Date: Fri 06th Aug 2021
Actors: Dinesh Tej
Merise Merise Rating: 2.25 / 5
Merise Merise Punchline: Merise Merise has some sparkling moments

What's Behind

Dinesh Tej who made his debut with Husharu is coming to entertain movie lovers with the youthful entertainer Merise Merise. Shwetha Awasthi is the heroine in the film directed by Pawan Kumar. The film's promos generated interest with the youthful elements. The film is releasing on August 6th and let us see what impact it made on movie lovers.

Story Review

Siddhu (Dinesh Tej), a techie suffers a setback in the US and when he tries to set up a startup, it ends as a failure. Not only professionally, but he also suffers personally when he experiences a breakup. He loses interest in his job as he was branded as a failure and refrains to look after his dad's (Gururaj) construction business. Egged upon by his mother he decides to leave Bangalore and go to Hyderabad to overcome all the pressures.

At the same time, Vennela (Shewtha Awasthi) who is pursuing B.Com in Araku, gets engaged to a doctor in the US and she goes to Hyderabad to get her visa processing done. During her stay in her cousin Kavya's house, she gets inspired and aspires to be a fashion designer.

However, this is opposed by her fiancee and his mother. Vennela however decides to start a  fashion app on her mother's name Vasundhara and in the process meets Siddhu. Both try to get some investors and Venture Capitalists and meet industrialist Jaidev (Sanjay Swaroop) who once suffered losses investing in Siddhu's app.

To know whether Vennela is able to emerge successful as a fashion designer, how her fiancee reacted, and whether Siddu is able to overcome his failures, enjoy Merise Merise on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Pravin Kumar on debut came with a youthful entertainer highlighting what it takes to emerge successful in life. He did not give much importance to romantic elements deciding to be different than all newcomers. He showed how a young girl achieves her dreams against all odds despite opposition from her fiancee. At the same time, he showed how difficult it is in real life to get funds for the startups, convincing the venture capitalists and how a failure impacts youngsters' lives.

Though the point is interesting and he starts off in an interesting manner, the story is simple and narration drags slowing the pace of the film. With no real romantic elements and only preachy dialogues at times, even youngsters get put off. The screenplay and direction are ok and he could have been more creative and dialogues could have been more powerful and impactful. Director narrated the story in a slow and steady manner taking his own time.

Dinesh Tej is good as a youngster who faces numerous setbacks professionally and personally. He showed good emotions and expressions. He can work on more to bring in variations in the future. Shwetha Awasthi made a good impression with her performance. She carried on gracefully on-screen and made her presence felt. Gururaj as the father of the hero and Sanjay Swarup as the industrialist performed well. Others who played the role of heroine's cousin, hero's friend, heroine's fiancee did their roles accordingly.

Karthik Kodagandla's background music is in sync with the storyline. He made a good impact with the music. Songs are far and in between and almost all of them are situational. Nagesh Bagnell's cinematography is good. Camera angles captured the natural locations in a realistic manner. Editing could have been better as there are many drags left behind. Production values are adequate. Pravin Kumar tried his best to make Merise Merise a mesmerizing one but lack of experience undid his plans. He should have worked on the story and screenplay for better impact.



Dinesh Tej




Slow Pace


Outdated elements

Rating Analysis

Director Pravin Kumar tried something new with Merise Merise. This is not a routine romantic and youthful entertainer. It did not have a typical romance between hero and heroine. Pravin highlighted the hero's failures, the heroine's aspirations, and how the hero with his experience through failures guides the heroine realizes her dreams by overcoming her difficulties. the one dialogue from the venture capitalist that he is investing in heroine's project seeing hero because he gained experience through his failures sums up the story. Merise Merise is the sincere effort to send some message to the youngsters but lack of experience undid the good attempt. considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.25 rating to Merise Merise.


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