Meet Cute Web Series Review

Meet Cute Web Series Review
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Director: Deepthi Ganta
Producer: Prashanti Tipirneni
Release Date: Fri 25th Nov 2022
Actors: Sathyaraj
Meet Cute Web Series Rating: 2 / 5
Meet Cute Web Series Punchline: Only Meet-Not Cute

Meet Cute Telugu Web Series : What's Behind

Natural Star Nani's sister Deepthi Ganta is making her debut with a webseries Meet Cute. The anthology webseries stars Sathyaraj in an important role while Adah Sharma, Varsha Bollamma, Shiva kandukuri and others are planing key roles. The webseries with 5 episodes are streaming on Sony Liv from November 25. Let us see what impact Deepthi Ganta made on viewers with Meet Cute.

Meet Cute Web Series : Story Review

Meet Cute is all about an anthology of stories that deals with the experiences, emotional journeys, romance, and hardships in the lives of five couples. Meet Cute seires has five episodes and they are titled Meet The Boy, Old Is Gold, In L(aw)ove, Star Struck and Ex Girlfriend.

Episode 1: Meet The Boy

Swathi (Varsha Bollamma) working as a Software Engineer in Improtech reluctantly decides to meet Abi (Ashwin Kumar), a consultant in Demoint, much against her wishes, on her mother's insistence. Where their relationship heads to, the developments, and how Pawan (Sameer Malla), Ninu (Srividhya) are connected should be found out.

Episode 2: Old Is Gold

Saroja (Ruhani Sharma) who is on her way to a holiday trip to Paris, sees her friend's neighbor, elderly journalist Mohan Rao (Satyaraj), who plans to go to Switzerland. With him struggling to fill the form, volunteers to help him at the VGA International. This results in conversation and where this leads to and the secret behind her relationship with her husband Jay (Raja Chebrolu) form the vital elements.

Episode 3: In L(aw)ove

Padma (Rohini Moleti), a single mother findsout that his son Siddhu aka Siddharth (Deekshit Shetty) moving closely with a girl named Pooja (Akanksha Singh). She follows her closely and reaches a pet care centre. Where this leads to and how Lakshmi (Surekha Vani) and Divya (Sripriya Idduri) are related should be watched on the screen.

Episode 4: Star Struck

Shalini (Ada Sharma), a renowned actress' car breakdown in heavy rain and her assistant Meera (Alekhya  Haarika) stops the vehicle of a doctor Aman Chaudhary (Shiva Kandukuri), a pediatric cardiologist in Continental Hospital. Where their journey leads to form the interesting part.

Episode 5: Ex Girlfriend

Anjana (Sanchita Poonacha) finds her boyfriend AJ aka Ajay (Govind Padmasooya) extremely uninteresting and walks out of the restaurant when they go on a date, unable to tolerate his behavior. She happens to meet  Kiran (Sunaina) and her conversation leads to interesting developments. To find out more about it, enjoy Meet Cute.

Meet Cute Web Series : Artists, Technicians Review

Meet Cute is an anthology of five stories narrated in five episodes. Natural Star Nani's sister Deepthi on her debut though selected a topic having youthful and romantic elements, and decided to tread on the tough terrain of blending it with an anthology. In five episodes dealt with the problems faced by the various couples and tried to give a solution of her own.

Though the idea is right and it looks interesting on paper, when it comes to execution it is extremely difficult for even an experienced person. Deepthi being a debutant tried her best but failed to achieve perfection. Deepthi did a good thing in balancing all the episode planning in such a way that they are more or less equal in the duration of over 30 minutes. The narration in all the episodes goes at a slow and steady pace and with a lack of entertainment and extremely serious plots, the patience of the viewers is tested to the core.

Except for a couple of spontaneous dialogues in one or two episodes, the narration is serious. The first episode Meet The Boy showed how a boy convinces a girl to give him a chance so that they can proceed ahead with the alliance. Varsha Bollamma and Ashwin Kumar put a natural and realistic performance. The dialogues are realistic and the episode truly set the stage for Meet Cute to take off to another level. With the decent first episode, though slow and predictable except for a few interesting dialogues and witty one-liners, expectations increase in the next episodes.

The second episode Old is Gold shows how olden generation people are compatible and adjustable compared to the current generation of youngsters. Emotions are too high and the narration is extremely predictable and very slow. The interest levels set by the first episode will take a nosedive with the second episode. Satyaraj performed in a role tailor-made for him while Ruhani Sharma is good as a young girl wish to spend time with her friends while Raja Chebrolu did his bit as her husband. A bit of entertainment in the second episode would have saved it from the blues.

The third episode In L(aw)ove showed how a caring perspective in law could do a world of good to the young couple. This episode is realistic and entertaining with good dialogue and one-liners. This takes the Meet Cute series to another level. Deepthi is aided by the performance of seasoned campaigner Rohini Moleti. She with her screen presence elevated the scenes. She is well supported by Akanksha Singh who played her role to perfection. Deekshit Shetty fit the bill perfectly. The screenplay and direction in this episode are quite good.

The fourth episode Star Struck highlighted the inhibitions of celebrities and the opinions commoners form about them. The episode starts off well with few interesting dialogues and scenes but monotony creeps in and lengthy dialogues and emotional scenes end up testing the patience of all despite good performances from Adah Sharma and Shiva Kandukuri. Both came up with realistic and natural performances.

The fifth episode Ex Girlfriend once again ends up being a routine one. Performances of Govind Padmasoorya, Sanchita Poonacha, and Sunaina are good. The dialogues and scenes are just ok except for the final twist.

Overall, Deepthi's directorial debut with the anthology webseries Meet Cute turned out to be a mixed bag and extremely monotonous. Though her intention is right, she could have spiced up by including numerous twists and turns and adding a few connecting and missing dots relating to all five episodes which would have been more interesting.

Vasanth Kumar's cinematography is good and it beautified the webseries. The sets are natural and appealing. Vijay Bulganin's music is situational and BGM made the right impact. A couple of dialogues and scenes are worth mentioning. Editing of Garry.BH left a lot to be desired. It could have been more crispy. Production values are good.

Meet Cute 2022 Web Series : Advantages

  • Performances
  • Realistic Elements
  • Cinematography
  • BGM

Meet Cute 2022 Web Series : Disadvantages

  • Screenplay, Direction
  • Slow Pace
  • Lack of Twists and Turns
  • No entertaining quotient
  • Editing
  • Routine Elements

Meet Cute Telugu Web Series : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Deepti Ganta's directorial venture Meet Cute is filled with cute romantic stories. But Deepti instead of turning them into memorable and cute ones turned them into monotonous and clumsy ones. The entire cast and crew, be it Varsha Bollamma, Ruhani Sharma, Ada Sharma, Akanksha Singh, Rohini Moleti, Sanchita, and others like, Ashwin Kumar, Shiva Kandukuri, Deekshit Shetty, Raja came up with spirited performances. Had Deepti worked on the story and the script and fine-tuned it increasing the entertainment value and toning down the preachy elements in all the episodes, Meet Cute could have been a memorable one. Among the five episodes, the first and the third stands out while the second is extremely emotional. The fourth is a little ok while the fifth except for the final twist offers nothing new. Finally Meet Cute turns out to be a routine, monotonous webseries with no real twists and turns and the cast and crew just pass through the motions. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 2 rating for Meet Cute.

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