Matti Kusthi Review

Matti Kusthi Review
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Director: Chella Ayyavu
Producer: Raviteja, Vishnu Vishal, Shubra, Aryan Ramesh
Release Date: Fri 02nd Dec 2022
Actors: Vishnu Vishal
Matti Kusthi Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Matti Kusthi - Silly Kusthi

What's Behind Matti Kusthi 

Kollywood hero Vishnu Vishal is known for selecting different types of stories. His films FIR and Ratchashan speak volumes of his judgment of stories. He is coming with Gatta Kusthi which is releasing in Telugu as Matti Kusthi. With Raviteja associating with the project in Telugu, interest is increasing. The film directed by Challa Ayyavu is releasing on December 2nd, 2022 with Netflix being the OTT partner. Matti Kusthi OTT streaming will be on once it finishes its theatrical release. Let us find out what Matti Kusthi offered to movie lovers.

Matti Kusthi Movie : Story Review

Matti Kusthi's story is all about the developments in the life of a female wrestler and how she deals with them. Keerthi (Aishwarya Lekshmi) from Palakkad, Kerala, and Veera (Vishnu Vishal) from Ramachandrapuram, Andhra Pradesh enter into wedlock following the efforts of their uncles. However, differences creep in and what is the connection of wrestling sport to the entire development form the rest of the story

Matti Kusthi Movie : Artists,Technicians Review

Matti Kusthi story written and directed by Chella Ayyalu  focuses on women's empowerment. Chella Ayyavu with Matti Kusthi tried to highlight how girls' dreams get dashed by the male ego and social stigma. He tried to highlight these elements in a hilarious and entertaining manner. However, Chella Ayyavu's story is routine, monotonous, and completely outdated. Though the entertainment in dealing the husband and wife issues worked out to some extent. The predictability right from the start till the finish works against the film and the entire cast and crew just pass through the motions.

The director introduces the heroine excelling in wrestling and her family facing problems of getting her married and she finally gives in, owing to family pressures. On the other side, the protagonist is a happy-go-lucky guy who discontinues his studies and enjoys life. The director Chella Ayyavu tried to generate fun through a few scenes featuring the family members of the hero and heroine. Chella Ayyavu, included the wrestling match between husband and wife to generate fun in a silly manner. However, all his plans went for a toss as the story is weak and predictable screenplay. Chella Ayyavu disappointed completely as the scenes looked similar to 80s TV serials offering nothing new when it comes to main theme. 

Vishnu Vishal tried his best to justify the role he played. He is mischievous, and energetic in his role as a villager. He did okay with his expressions and emotions. The role is tailor-made for him and his mannerisms are suited. Aishwarya Lekshmi performed well as a wrestler undergoing a makeover as a wrestler. She emoted well in her role. Other cast got limited scope to showcase their talent. , Karunas, Sreeja Ravi, Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Redin Kingsley, Hareesh Peradi, Ajay, and Shatru performed according to their roles.

Justin Prabhakaran's music offered nothing new. One song is well-composed and choreographed. His BGM is ok. Richard M Natha's cinematography is colorful and he showed the village atmosphere in a realistic manner. The editing of Prasanna GK is below average. Production values are decent.

Matti Kusthi Movie : Advantages

  • Basic theme of the story
  • Entertaining Scenes
  • Interval Episode
  • Conflict between Husband and Wife

Matti Kusthi Movie : Disadvantages

  • Predictability
  • Routine Climax
  • Editing
  • Screenplay, Direction

Matti Kusthi Movie : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Vishnu Vishal's Matti Kusthi with an interesting title attracts viewers to come to the theatres. But, it isn't an out and out sports based film but deals with wife and husband ego problems. However, the director Chella Ayyavu, failed to generate enough fun though the story has immense scope to. He turned everything into an routine and average fare. The film's story lacked novelty and utterly predictable narration turned it into just timepass watch for the viewers. Comedy at parts is only respite. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 2.5 rating for Matti Kusthi.

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