Mathu Vadalara Review

Mathu Vadalara Review
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Director: Ritesh Rana
Producer: Cherry, Hemalatha
Release Date: Wed 25th Dec 2019
Actors: Sri Simha Koduri
Mathu Vadalara Rating: 2.5 / 5
Mathu Vadalara Punchline: Semi Cooked Drug

Mathu Vadalara Review, What’s Behind?

MM Keeravani’s both the sons Sri Simha Koduri and Kala Bhairava are making their debuts as hero and music director with this film which also marks debut directorial for Ritesh Rana. Promoted well by Rajamouli and his entire family, will this fresh team impress us with their fresh ideas?

Mathu Vadalara Story Review:

Babu Mohan (Sri Simha Koduri), a disgruntled courier delivery boy wants to quit the job. His best friend Yesu (Satya) working in same company gives him an idea to earn easy bucks which makes Babu Mohan’s life go upside-down falling into a crime mystery. Along with roommates Abhi (Naresh Agastya) and Yesu, how a drug mafia is cracked by Babu Mohan forms rest.

Mathu Vadalara Artists, Technicians Review:

Writer-director Ritesh Rana worked like a thorough professional on pre-production part because from basic script work to executional part on art work, styling, cinematography, for a film of shoe-string budget with fewer known faces, his efforts were clearly visible. Ritesh Rana indeed came up with contemporary issue and his advanced filming with coming of age dark comedy thrills is appreciable. Though writing part lacked the much needed connectivity with native Telugu audience, his direction is decent. Situational comedy works big time. Though first half is lazy, it’s the engaging narration in second half makes up for all early mistakes. Unpredictable twist in the second half surely kept us on edge.

Suresh Sarangam’s camera flawlessly captured the wide range of moods. Kala Bhairava is the other big asset. The only song haunts throughout and background score gives the ‘dark’ touch effectively. Editor Karthik Srinivas has cut the film at right length and scenes looked sharp, though few scenes in first half needed more trim. Production values of Mythri are perfect for the genre.

Onto performances, Sri Simha Koduri picked right subject for his debut. He appeared comfortable to down play all through. He was equally good in two variant getups. Satya steals the show with comedy timing. They precisely called it as Satya’s re-introduction. Naresh Agastya is so good. Vennela Kishore’s is not a regular ‘hilarious’ role. Brahmaji got a brief meaty role and Vidyullekha Raman was decent. Pavala Shyamala was okay.

Mathu Vadalara Review Advantages:

Second Half Twist



Satya’s Comedy

Mathu Vadalara Review Drawbacks:

Wafer Thing Plot

First Half

Dark Flavor

Connectivity Issues


Mathu Vadalara Review, Rating Analysis:

As we mentioned before, advent of short films changed the overall perspective of Telugu cinema making. Modern day film makers have become so radicalistic that a wafer thin storyline with one or two novel elements is sought enough to expand a plot into complete feature film screenplay. Madhu Vadalara is one more classic example of how a fresh team thirsty of delivering something new went half way in achieving their mark. Yes, director Ritesh Rana and his team went almost close to their best in giving a superb short film output but couldn’t make it as a full length feature despite run time being short, crisp. They had decent ammunition with youth appealing content penned around contemporary topic of drug racket yet lost pace initially and in last portions. Technically, from color mixing to background score to editing, the product is certainly satisfactory as everyone gave their cent percent.

Opening scenes on Chiranjeevi’s old films is a smooth start followed by lethargic characterization of Sri Simha aka Babu Mohan. Problems presented around courier delivery boys and their ways of cheating greedy customers is just ok. While Sri Simha’s bushy beard look is good, it is Sathya stole the show with impeccable comedy timing. They took enough time to open actual plot in Mansion Heights, a luxurious residential apartment where Babu Mohan unknowingly gets trapped in a crime scene. Characters of Vennela Kishore, Athulya Chandra, Ajay, Vidyullekha Raman, Pavala Shyamala raked sparse thrill before leaving on incompetent interval block.

Second half had couple of interesting twists revealed quickly as Brahmaji’s role becomes key. Naresh Agasthya is a surprise package and impactful in mid second half. However once the suspense thread is untangled, it was director Ritesh Rana’s imaginative concept on pictorial presentation of drug victims inebriated state aka psychedelic part is where Mathu Vadalara is presumably creative part. Mediocre VFX hampered the overall climax essence but Kala Bhairava’s re-recording kept the show live and enchanting.

In-toto, Mathu Vadala is a dizzy film with new age making. Satya’s comedy, Sri Simha’s natural flair in acting and Kala Bhairava’s impressive musical score make it an average watch. While B, C center audience might call it perplexed, a section among A center public might love this. So, CJ goes with 2.5 stars just on encouraging note for the new n young team’s hard work, dedication else it is one more regular crime thriller.


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